Monday, 3 October 2016


Eyebrows, they are my favourite part of my face that I love doing up, they make such a difference once they are groomed and done up. I love the whole effect well groomed brows give so I am always on the look out for that perfect brow product and that was when I came across this brow gel from NYX and it was in the shade Chocolate. I just had to get it and give it ago and since I had never tried brow gels I thought a drugstore product would be the best way to get it in to it.





Lets get down to it, well there isn't much to say about the packaging, its very basic, comes in a plastic tube that is very travel friendly and what I like the most if that it isn't too bulky. I got it from local NYX beauty counter and I am sorry I cant really remember how much it was as its been awhile. The texture of the gel as you can see is very soft and creamy like the consistency of a concealer. The shade actually matches pretty well so overall I was pretty happy with it to begin my brow gel journey.

A little goes a long way with this gel so just squeeze a little bit on your hand that will be more than enough for both brows. I first tried it alone without any other brow product to see how it works as a brow gel. I must say I was pretty impressed, the brow gel lasted all day and very pigmented so I was able to fill my brows and create a fuller brow look without an issue. However I did find that the gel does dry up pretty fast you will have to either be pretty fast at doing your brows or take a bit at a time and do one brow at a time. Once you have filled your brows they will not budge and will last all day. I love when my brows last all day because I sparse brows and second because I have oily skin some times my brows tend to wear off once its been done through out the day. I then used a brow pencil and then used the gel on top of that to fill in the gaps where needed and seal in the brow pencil, I have to say they look pretty amazing, I like bold brows so if you don't like that then I would suggest sticking to just using the brow gel alone to fill your brows. The gel locks the product in place making it last all day when normally if I use a brow pencil only it will wear off during the day. I love using this brow gel combining it with either a brow pencil or brow powder.

The brow gel is pretty easy to take off as well and comes off without much effort, I like using a makeup remover or a micellar water to remove it. I have really been enjoying this brow product and it has really helped me this summer to keep my brows in place looking neat and tidy. In Hong Kong it can be pretty humid so this has helped me brave the humidity to keep my brows looking perfect. I have been wanting to add a few different shade to my MUA kit so that I can use then on my clients as well.

This is definitely a brow gel worth checking out and if like me this is your first venture into the brow gel world then definitely start with this and master it before trying out more high-end products, this way you know what to look for in a brow gel in the future.

What do you think of brow gels? Is it something you use on a daily basis? Have you tried the NYX brow gel? Let me know what you think in the comment box below.




  1. i really wanna try it after reading your post! I am currently using the benefit gimmebrow it has a more natural look. Have you got photos of you having the brow products on?
    check out my blog :)

    1. I dont have at the moment, but its worth the investment


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