Tuesday, 11 October 2016


I am a sucker when it comes to dark nail polish specially nail polishes in the plum spectrum. As its getting into the colder months and Autumn has begun already even though here in Hong Kong I am still waiting for it to get colder, that does not mean I still cant enjoy a good dark nail polish. As its Tuesday again meaning its another NOTD and today I have Black Cherry from Rimmel.



I think its the best shade to transition from sunny to cold weather, the nail polish not too dark and still has a bit of shine and glow to the polish so if your still having sunny days like me then this is still perfect. As always Rimmel does really good nail polishes, they are very pigmented and last pretty well on the nails with very little chipping.

The nail polish just needs two coats and you've got the true colour showing up on your nails. They dry up pretty fast too so you don't have to wait with your fingers up in the air for it to dry. Rimmel has a lovely brush that comes with all their nail polishes making the application very easy and no streaks at all. Its the usual wear time for me which is usually 2-3 days with slight chipping.

What do you think of this weeks NOTD? What do you think of nail polishes with a bit of gloss in it? Let me know what you think in the comment box below.





  1. Nice ♥


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