Monday, 17 October 2016


I love doing my brows, I feel it makes such a big difference for me that I always try to do them before I go out. This obsession has me on the look out for brow products that are worth my time and effort. Recently Kiko launched in Hong Kong and I remember I bought a few products from them when I was living in London and loved it so I decided to go and see what they have and get myself a few stuff. I just had to try their products so, I decided to get the Kiko Eyebrow Fibers in the shade 05 which is deep brunette (they dont have names on the product itself and most of them are just numbered but if you check on the website it has a name).




As you can see its just like a regular mascara except the size of the bristles were a bit smaller in size. The size is actually quite travel friendly too so it comes in handy when your on the go. Lets get down to the nitty-gritty of it all. I used to use the brow gel as a finishing products, once I had filled my brows I used it to seal and set the brows as the final step but recently I had been using as my go to product to fill my brows instead of my usual brow pencil or powder. I used the spoolie to comb through the brows and fill them in and I then used the brow powder to fill in the gaps and shape the arches to give it a fuller look and complete the brows. I have been loving this method, its fast and easy and makes my brows look really natural just the way I like it.

This eyebrow fiber is just lovely, to be honest its one of my favourite at the moment. It fills my brows creating the fuller effect and at the same time it keeps my brows in place all day, specially in this heat and humidity here in Hong Kong it stands the test of longevity. The pigmentation is great and its build-able to your liking. Whats most amazing is that when you take the brush out on the tube a whole load of product doesn't come out with the spoolie, so your not wasting and you have control of how much product gets onto your brows. The bristles help to actually get all the brow hairs coats with the gel and even the little straight ones. Overall its been a winner for me and so easy to use and pretty fast.

This is a definite in my books, I really like it and having using this as my main brow product recently. Its inexpensive and does the job, give you awesome look brows that will stay put all day long. I suggest you give this ago if you can get your hands on Kiko products.

What do you think of the Kiko eyebrow fiber? Is it something you will try? Let me know in the comment box below.




  1. Great review, i like your blog!!
    Have a lovely week


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