Monday, 11 April 2016


Oily eyelids obviously creates creasing and fading throughout the day and I hate it when that happens, specially once you have spent time doing the most amazing eye makeup (at least in your eyes) and then in a couple of hours its ruined. Oh no we cant have that so the best way to battle all these issues is by having a good eye primer in your collection. I have tried quite a few specially because of my oily eyelids like the NYX one and the MAC Paint Pots which are my favourites. Today I have another one the Urban Decay Primer Potion. This primer exploded all over the blogging world but I couldn't get my hands on it as it was not available here in Hong Kong.



The packaging is actually quite lovely, I love the little purple tube looks quite glamorous if I say so myself. I bought the travel version first to try out from Sephora when I was in Singapore. I was quite happy as I was finally able to test this out and see for myself why everyone seems to love it. The applicator is a doe foot which makes applying the primer onto the eyes very easy, all you have to do is just dab it onto the eyes and blend it with an eye shadow brush or your finger. I usually apply it all over my eyelids until the brow but concentrating more on the eyelid because that's the most oily part on my lids. Once I have blended the primer I usually set it with a matte powder so that it will help to prolong the wear time and keep everything in place.

The primer is cream based and actually nude shade so once it blended into the skin it becomes invisible and even though my skin tone is a bit darker is completely disappears and I really like that in a primer. It ensures that the eye shadows true colours are shown and mixed in with the primer. The UD primer feels smooth and soft once you have blended it into the skin. Its a lovely base for eye shadow to go over, the blending is easy and smooth and doesn't cake up the eye shadows so you can safely pack it on and blend in two to three different eye shadows and the best part it will all stay put and last all day. The eye shadow does last all day with minimal creasing and given that my eyelids are very oily this is a win. I was very pleased that my eye makeup lasted till I came back home and even though there was a bit of creasing visible (I think that's just for me because of the oiliness but if you have drier eyelids then this will be gold) the eye shadow had not faded. All in all a very good eye primer and definitely worth investing in one, as it can be a bit more expensive than a regular primer but you do get what you pay for and with a higher price comes better quality.

This UD primer is worth your time and money and even for oily eyelids they will help you prolong the wear time of your eye shadow and that is what we all want when we create a makeup look that we spend time and just looks perfect.

Do you use a primer before doing your eye makeup? Have you tried the Urban Decay Primer Potion? What did you think? Let me know in the comment box below.



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