Thursday, 14 April 2016


I know the beauty blender has been around for awhile but I was actually not that convinced and didn't really want to buy one. I have tried a few budget friendly makeup sponges like the Forever 21 Sponges and was convinced that it was time that I need to try the Beauty Blender so when i was in Singapore I took the plunge and bought a Beauty Blender for myself. I was so excited to give it ago myself as everyone seems to be loving it.





I bought the pink original beauty blender and it came with a solid cleanser. It is recommended to that the beauty blender should be cleaned with the solid to deep clean it and maintain the health of the beauty blender. As you can see its not that big just the perfect size to hold in your hands but once you hold it under running water it expands and becomes softer. I usually squeeze the excess water and then squeeze it a bit more between a hand towel so that there isn't any water left.

I use the beauty blender once I have applied my foundation to create a more flawless and smooth finish and to remove any excess product so my complexion doesn't look caked with product. It just lift the excess product and leaves you with an airbrushed looking base to complete your makeup. I have used the beauty blender dry to see the difference and I must say that there is a big difference. When its dry the beauty blender didn't blend that well and I felt that it kind of removed the foundation without just removing the excess product. I also like to use the wet beauty blender to blend in my concealer, its gives the most amazing finish and my dark circles are completely vanished. The best part is you can use the beauty blender to build coverage and it still wont look caked on or too heavy. Basically you can use it to blend in any liquid or cream products and its so easy to create a flawless finish. I loved it so much that I bought another one for my MUA kit so I can use them on my clients as well so that their makeup will look just flawless.

I have really enjoyed using the beauty blender and it just doesn't compare to any other makeup sponge put there, its one of a kind and worth every penny you spend on it. I use it every time I do my makeup and just love the finished look once I have used it on my makeup.

The solid makes it so much easier to cleanse the beauty blender, all you have to do is wet the solid and then rub the beauty blender on it and all the makeup on the beauty blender just washes so you don't have to tug and rub at the beauty blender to get everything off. I did however notice that the colour does run a bit so for the first few washes there will pink dye running when you hold it under the water, don't worry it doesn't get onto your skin and doesn't stain your hands either.

The beauty blender is like a magic wand, the perfect little tool to have with you to create the best base for your makeup to go. I think everyone needs a beauty blender in their life to create the perfect look like top celebrity makeup artist create.

Have you tried the Beauty Blender? What did you think? Let me know in the comment box below.




  1. I have this beauty blender and love it! Love your posts! X

  2. Love this beauty blender, nice post

    kisses Adela Acanski


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