Wednesday, 20 April 2016


Eye creams have become an integral part of my skincare routine and I am always looking for one that will do the job. I have noticed very slight fine lines under the eyes and I need an eye cream that will ensure that they wont get too noticeable and maybe eventually I will be able to get rid of them. I have tried a few drugstore brands quite liked them so I thought it was time that I try out a few high-end skincare brands, so I decided to the Caudalie Resveratrol Eye Lift Balm as it came highly recommended by the sales lady at my local beauty store.



This was a bit more than I would usually spend but I was excited and I was on a mission to find one that will help my fine lines. I know that Caudalie is known for great quality so this was going to be a new challenge and experience and I was excited. If I am being totally honest I was a bit disappointed that it was only a 15ml little tube and for the price I thought it will be at least a 25ml but never the less I still got it.

The website says its 'An innovative, natural eye balm with a breakthrough patent to lift and smooth the areas around the eyes and lips'. The eye cream is formulated with hyaluronic acid , vine resveratrol and peptides. It also has some Vitamin E but Caudalie is not focusing on that in this particular eye cream. The secret is how they have combined the core ingredients with a complex of micro hylauronic acids that help boost your natural production if acids. 

The eye cream can be used around your eye area and around the lips too, so its kind of like a two in one. The eye cream itself is a misty cream that is very light and soft to the touch. Once you have applied the eye cream it gets absorbed very fast into the skin and doesn't feel heavy, stick and neither does it leave an oily residue behind. I have been continuously been using this now for over 4 weeks and to be honest I have not seen anything spectacular. The one thing that is noticeable is that my skin under the eye is so much lighter and the dark areas around my lips have lightened too other than that nothing too extravagant. I had not notice any difference to my fine lines and to be honest the skin around my eye area wasn't brighter and I just didn't feel that it did anything to my skin and under eye skin. I was sadly very disappointed that I didn't see any of the results. Maybe I have to continue to use it for a bit longer but I think I am going to go back to an eye cream that I know works and will be able to see results. This doesn't mean I will stop trying high-end brands, I have my eye on a Clarins eye cream that I want to give ago. 

So as a final thought I did not that I see any difference to my fine lines or the skin around my eyes and I doubt that I will ever repurchase this again. Have you ever used this Caudalie eye cream? Did you see results? Let me know what you think in the comment box below.



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