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Its March already and boy am I going to have a very busy month and a few exciting months ahead too. I am venturing on a new adventure career wise that I have been really wanting to for awhile and I am glad that its finally coming along, hopefully 2016 will be a great year ahead for me and everyone of you'll too. Today I am going to talk about nail polish removers instead of my usual NOTD, something a bit different I thought that would help, my favourite nail polish removers from Cutex.


Cutex Nail Polish Removers

Cutex Nail Polish Removers

Cutex Nail Polish Remover

Cutex Nail Polish Remover

I remember when I was a kind my and aunt would always talk about Cutex nail polishes and for most of my young life from then onward nail polish was always referred to as Cutex. I asked my mom they were calling nail polishes with other brands as Cutex, she said it was because when she was young back home in Sri Lanka Cutex was the only nail polish brand they had and then it stuck with them. I on the other hand only know Cutex for their nail polish removers, not their nail polishes. Have you ever come across one? Any way their nail polish removers are my go to and I have run through so many of them that I have lost count.

The two Cutex nail polish removers that I always keep going back to is the Strengthening and Ultra Quick nail polish removers. I buy them from my local beauty shop sasa and they cost HK$28 and most of the time you get offers on them. They come in little handy bottles making them perfect for travel. I usually pour the nail polish remover into a pump bottle, that makes it easier to use and comes in handy when apply nail polish specially when you want to clean the edges, you can soap the tip of the cotton pad easily.

Strengthening Nail Polish Remover

This was the first nail polish remover I tried from this brand. I was actually quite excited, I have tried a few different types from this brand when I was living in London but not this one. The remover is a misty white in colour. I soak a round cotton pad with this remover and I can use it to remover all the nail polish on one hand. The nail polish comes off very easily so you don't have to rub till your nails are white. The remover actually lasts quite long because you don't need a lot to remove the nail polish. If I have glitter nail polish on, then I usually need two cotton pads as I like to cover the nail with the cotton pad and soak it a bit before removing, this way the glitter comes off so much easier. I have run through quite a few of these and will continue to use this.

Ultra Quick Nail Polish Remover

I happen to come across this and thought why not give this ago instead of my usual remover. It was actually the green that attracted me, pretty cool. I do the same and soak a round cotton pad with this remover and I am able to use it to remover all the nail polish on one hand like the strengthening remover. The nail polish comes off a bit easier than my usual one, not that its a major difference, they are both great and get the job done well. Its the same with glitter, quick and easy and I use the same method.

Overall I have to say that I really like these nail polish removers, They get the job done fast and don't leave a stain behind once all the polish is removed. I also noticed that my nails never turned yellow, nor did they chipped or peel while I was using these removers, I really cant say if the strengthening remover actually did strengthen my nails because I didn't notice a huge difference, just the odd chip here and there. Cutex nail polish removers are worth trying out which ever one you decide to choose. I cant recommend them enough.

Have you heard of Cutex nail polish removers? Have you tried them? Let me know what you think in the comment box below.




  1. These do the job well!! I love using Cutex they are really affordable

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  2. Your post was worth reading, It was amazing. All the clicks are awesome. I have tries this cutex remover its too good. Keep up the good work.

    Kanwalikram's Blog

    1. Thank you and glad you liked it

  3. These nail polish removals sound awesome, thanks for sharing!



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