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I was very intrigued by this hair care brand (specially the labelling of their products) that I was always checking them out whenever I went to my local beauty shops so one day I decided to but a shampoo and conditioner. I decided to buy a shampoo that will give me a deep cleaning since my scalp tend to get pretty oily and with the humidity and weather here in Hong Kong I need one so I bought the Clarifying Shampoo and the Deep Moisturizing Conditioner because I have very dry hair ends. You can only imagine how I feel, my scalp is oily and the ends of my hair is dry and brittle, it can be so frustrating.



See what I mean about the labelling, its different and quite unique if I say for a shampoo and conditioner. The packaging just like any other regular shampoo/conditioner bottles. I bought mine from Bonjour here in Hong Kong and it cost HK$88 for each bottle. The shampoo is like a clear runny gel and the conditioner is thicker and is a light blue colour.

Mane 'n Tail Clarifying Shampoo

I have  very oily scalp and that makes my hair get pretty oily looking in about a day or two. I asked my hair dresser what I can do to prolong the wash he suggested using a clarifying shampoo to get a good deep cleanse. The weather in Hong Kong is mostly tropical and there is quite a lot of pollution in the air that mainly comes from mainland China so some days are quite foggy and dusty so you definitely need a clarifying shampoo. So I decided to buy the clarifying shampoo from Mane 'n Tail and give it ago. I used it a few times when I had a shower, its really lathers up and smells amazing too. I felt that it was really cleaning my scalp while massaging it with the shampoo so I was pretty hopeful. My hair did feel lighter and felt well cleaned but sadly I did notice that while it was cleaning my scalp I was also getting dry flakes and my scalp felt itchy. I tried switching it and using only like once a week but whenever I used this shampoo my scalp just felt uncomfortable so I stopped using it completely.

Main 'n Tail Deep Moisturizing Conditioner

As I mentioned before my scalp is pretty oily and the ends of my hair is very dry and brittle so I need a conditioner that will bring some life back into my hair. The best way to do that is to use a moisturizing conditioner obviously so I bought the deep moisturizing conditioner as well. This I have to say I have gotten on well with so far. I use a penny size of conditioner on the lower part of my hair and give it a good massage and leave it on till I finish everything else. I did notice within about 2 weeks that my hair ends didn't feel so dry and brittle any more and they looked more healthier. My split ends seem to have reduced as well. I really liked using this conditioner and I am still using it.

The shampoo really didn't do much and my scalp didn't seem enjoy it so if you have an oily scalp like me then I would say you may want to think twice before giving it ago. The conditioner on the other hand is really good and I was pretty impressed. It has really helped my dry ends and brittleness. It has given life to the ends of my hair so I would definitely recommend the conditioner.

Have you heard of Mane 'n Tail? Did you like any of their products? Let me know what you think in the comment box below.




  1. it seems great. loving packing.

    Really loving your blog.
    Love to see you on my blog
    xxx Keep in touch

  2. I have used it myself. Like you've stated it has its good 'n the bad.
    As much as the growth is good I completely agree on how your scalp gets itchy and you end up having dry flakes. And it's pretty irritating at the end of the day!
    Love your blog and keep writing!

    1. Thank you and I know exactly how you feel Tammy

  3. i have oily hair.please give me suggest best shampoo?


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