Wednesday, 30 December 2015


Facial sprays and mists were not something that I was actually interested in when it was all the hype. I recently started hiking and needed a little pick me up when it was really hot and humid so I thought why not try a facial mist. Its the perfect little refresher to have on you when your feeling a bit tired so I took the plunge and bought the evian Facial Spray from Bonjour and it cost around HK$46




It comes in a very handy spray can that is the perfect size to travel with and even carry in your bag. I actually quite like the can its quite nice and pretty at least for me. The mist is prayed evenly and is very fine so when it settles on your face its feels like a very light veil. Its colourless and odourless and I like that specially since its being sprayed onto my face. The last thing I want is to have an irritation when your trying to feel refreshed.

Once you have sprayed this mist onto your face its so relaxing and instantly refreshes you. I use this mainly in the summer so its the perfect pick me up to have. Specially since I hike, whenever I feel a bit tired I just spray this onto my face and arms I am re-energized and good to go. I feel that I feel a bit less tired and drained after using this and if you live in Hong Kong or for that matter a tropical country you will understand that the humidity is the most difficult part of living in a tropical country, this is very handy to have with you. Its actually quite soothing and moisturizing as well and if you have got sun burnt and don't have any emergency sunscreen this is definitely good to cool your skin down.

I have not used it over my makeup so I am not sure as to how it will work as a makeup setting spray but I have used it as a toner when I have run out of my usual toner and its has worked well. It doesn't dry my skin out which is very important if you have oily skin so I would say that it does come in handy. I didnt see any benefits using it a toner but a little pick me up definitely worth trying it out.

This coming summer give this a try on those days that your feeling a bit tired and drained out, it will give you a little boost to get through those hot summer days. Have you tried the evian facial spray? What did you think of it? Let me know what you think in the comment box below.




  1. I've never tried this but I'd say it works super well as a toner! X

    Heading out New Years Eve? Some inspiration is over on

    1. Ya it does, you should give it ago Emma


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