Thursday, 26 November 2015


I religiously read my fashion and beauty magazines without fail but since of late I had completely stopped reading books and I used to love reading books. I love thriller and crime stories the most but I do read a good romantic story now and then. I stopped by my local book store and was browsing the isles and came across a few that I thought I needed to catch up on and get back onto the reading wagon. So without further a due, these what I got for myself to get back into reading




This is a new book that Stephanie Meyer came out with for the 10th anniversary of the Twilight series. Can you believe its been 10 years already, wow time sure does fly and I feel old. I just couldn't resist myself and had to get it. Life and death is twilight re-imagined, in short the roles have reversed and Bella is a Vampire and Edward is human. The names of the characters have slightly changed as well. I will not get into details because if like me you were a twilight fan then you will not want me to ruin it. Its special edition and you get Twilight special tenth anniversary edition with it as well, so kind of like a 2 in 1.


Patricia Cornwell is my favourite author when it comes to thrillers and crime novels. This series I am reading is about a forensic doctor called Kay Scarpetta. Most of the books are interconnected and there is an underline theme that plays throughout the books. In this book the famous forensic Doctor Kay Scarpetta finds herself being investigated and that all the mysterious murders have a connection to her attempted murder. Its a thriller and with these novels till you reach the end of the book your in suspense. I love that about these novels and have read 11 books already. If you like stories like this then you should definitely read one, you will get hooked.


This book by the famous Paulo Coelho. I read his Alchemist and if I am being honest didn't read any other books from him so was a bit interested in finding one again from this author. Its a story of a mysterious woman named Athena who is a witch from Portobello. It was intriguing and love stories about magic, witches and wizards so this kind of appealed to me.


This is by Gillian Flynn who wrote Gone Girl. The story is about girls experience surviving an brutal attack by her brother on her life. In this attack she lost her mother and two sisters. So many years later someone wants to free her brother and she has to deal with the tragedy all over again. Its about how she faces the murderer and has to save her life once again. Quite intriguing and interesting. As I like stories like this and since Gone Girl was lovely I thought why not read another book of hers.

At the moment I am reading The Last Precinct, hoping to finish it soon and start on the next one. Reading can be so relaxing, I cant believe that I stopped it. Feels good to be reading again. I cant wait to start the others. What have you been reading lately? Have you read any of these books? Let me know what you think in the comment box below.




  1. Dark Places is a very interesting book, bit odd in places but definitely worth pursuing. I can't help but feel Stephanie Meyers is thoroughly trying to milk the cash cow though but if your a big fan of Twilight I bet everyone is so excited! Happy reading! :)

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    1. Thanks. My curiosity got the better of me so I had to buy the new book from Stephanie Meyer

  2. These books sound interesting, i haven't read any of them but would love to read.


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