Thursday, 5 November 2015


I am always buying makeup and if you like that sort of post you can catch my previous Beauty Haul to see what I bought. This time I bought a few skincare products to try out. My skin has been having a mind of its own so I needed something to get it back to normal, so I did the only logical thing I know and went shopping to drown my skin sorrows, so here's what I bought


L to R - L'oreal Youth Code Boosting Essence, Origins Charcoal Mask, Neutrogena Sunscreen,  Vaseline Spray Moisturizer, evian Facial Spray, Vichy Normaderma Night 

L'oreal Youth Code Boosting Essence - I bought the eye serum in this range and I saw dramatic changes to my under eye area so I thought this will help to restore my skins brightness and give it some glow since my skin has been looking quite dull. Its a clear serum that's easy to blend and since testing it out for the last two weeks I have to say I am impressed, A full detailed review will be up soon, so watch out.

Origins Charcoal Mask - I read so many reviews about this but the price was always holding me back but once I saw that there was a sale at my local drugstore I had to get it. In the summer my skin is an oily mess and this helps me deep clean my t-zone and reduces the oiliness quite a bit, was very impressed with this and love it. You can catch my full review HERE.

Neutrogena Sunscreen Body Mist - Applying sunscreen the most annoying thing for me and this spray has made it so much easier and much faster. I took this on my recent holiday to America and it was so easy to apply and the best part it isn't greasy and gets absorbed super fast like a moisturizer. It definitely helped me from getting sun burnt on my holiday. I will be doing a review because it definitely deserves a whole review.

Vaseline Spray Moisturizer - This made quite a bit stir and I read a lot of reviews from bloggers that loved it but I never really saw the appeal until very recently. I needed something that would save time getting ready in the morning while we were on holiday with friends because you cant keep people waiting. I have to say I was impressed, Its super easy and fast and gets absorbed pretty fast. The only thing I would recommend is staying away from clothes while spray this on to your self so your clothes wont get any residue and hold it much closer so that most of it is sprayed onto yourself and not the floor. It did keep my skin well moisturized and if your on holiday or don't have a lot of time in the morning to get ready then this will be your best friend.

evian Facial Spray - I bought this in the summer when we were hiking and it was quite unbearable because of the heat and I needed something to keep me feeling fresh. This facial spray actually felt really good, it kind of helped to reboot my system when I was feeling hot and keep me feeling fresh. I loved it, I used it on my face and arms and man it felt good. I still haven't used on my face when wearing makeup so I will try that out and get back to you with a review, until then I think its perfect for the summer to keep fresh on the go.

Vichy Normaderma Night -  I read so many good reviews and specially ReallyRee's review and that made me try it out. I took it with me on my holiday and I must say it was the most impressive skincare product I have with me. It really helped me control my oiliness in my whole face and left it feeling really good healthy. My skin felt normal for a change and I have been using it ever since, definitely worth a try if you have oily skin like me. I will be doing a full review soon.

So that's my little skincare haul for now and I am sure there will be many more. I hope there is at least one thing that you have been wanting to get and I hope that my little reviews have helped. What have you been shopping lately? Let me know what you think in the comment box below.




  1. I've been wanting to try that Evian facial mist for so long, but I've just never got around to purchasing it. I've never heard a bad review on it, I'll have to pick it up soon!


    1. Its really soothing and cooling, worth a try Zauni

  2. Love you haul...All the product look amazing.

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