Friday, 30 October 2015


Prints are some of my favourite when it comes to wearing something bold and out there, I am someone who kind of plays it safe when it comes to fashion and I like to be within my comfort zone. however expressing myself fashion wise for me is wearing bold prints, I love it. Today's is about wearing bright and bold prints this fall. It can be overwhelming at times if your unsure as to how you should be styling prints.


Wearing bold and smashing prints this fall can be away of brightening up your outfit specially as winter can be dark and gloomy and sometimes we all just need something to brighten up our day so why not make a fashion statement by wearing bold and smashing prints.

Leopard Prints

Leopards are such majestic creatures and are not very common, just like they are when wearing leopard prints try to stick to one piece at a time. Leopard prints can be quite tricky when it comes to mastering how to wear it. If your wearing a leopard print then the rest of your outfit needs to be tones down and stick more neutral colours like browns and black. I would suggest wearing a pair of leopard printed boots and keeping the rest of the outfit simple allowing the print to stand out.


When it comes to prints, snakeskin is the easiest to style so don't worry about what yo should be doing and not doing. You can mix and match and wear multiple pieces at the same time. You could also mix snakeskin prints with other bolder prints for a more mix match effect. I would suggest for day time wearing a pair of ankle boots that are snakeskin with a pair of skinny jeans and then for the might maybe wearing a tight leather snakeskin printed skirt with a plain top and knee-high black boots, kind of adds an edgy look.

Zebra Stripes

If you are confident and bold then this is for you. It is a bit tricky to style and can be quite overpowering so be careful. The cat-walks were filled with zebra prints this season so why not try a zebra printed winter jacket but remember to keep the rest of the outfit simple and clean. Like a pair of light blue jeans with a white tee and sneakers and zebra jacket. This way nothing is too over the top and you wear it even in the day and for night time just switch the sneakers to a pair of strappy heels.

Living life wildly is the way to go this season, let your inner beast shine through. What do you think of wearing bold and smashing prints and making a statement this fall? Will you be wearing any of the mentioned prints? Let me know what you think in the comment box below.



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