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Its holiday time again and I am on the way to USA, for the very first time. I am very excited as I get to go on this adventure with my hubby and its going to be so exciting. I have made a HUGE list of all the things I want but I doubt that I will be able to get everything I want but I am hoping to do some major damage when it comes to makeup shopping. However getting back on topic (just too excited for my trip) I thought I will show you guys a few beauty and makeup that i will be taking with me on my two week holiday. Today's post is all about the beauty products that I will be taking with me.


I thought I will first share my skincare products that I will be taking with me. I am usually never the one to take mini or travel size beauty products but I have to this time because I have to keep space and not be over weight for my shopping.




Clarins Eye Makeup Remover - I bought this to take on my Japanese trip and I did like how it performed so I thought since I am only taking a face wash that this will help with my cleansing after a long day. I can remove my makeup with this and then use the face wash so no eye makeup will be left over.

Clarins One Step Cleanser - Just as an extra step to my evening cleanse after I get back from a day of being out and about. I can also use this to refresh myself if I was through out the day.

Vichy Normaderma Night Detox - I read a lot of good reviews and since I will be on holiday and my skin will definitely get pretty oily during the day so if a moisturizer will help my skin be a bit less oily throughout the day I will take it. I thought this will be the best opportunity for me to give this new moisturizer a test.

Clinique Toner - I love this toner and have used it before so when I found the travel size I just had to get it. It helps me with my oily skin as well so just in case my skin breaks out its a good product to have with me.

Clinique Liquid Facial Soap - Never tried this but this came in the travel pack that i bought from Clinique. its for oily skin and since I couldn't find a travel size cleanser of my regular cleanser I thought I will give this ago.

Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizer - I was given a sample size of this moisturizer by Clinique and loved it and since it was in the travel pack I was over joyed. It helps control my oily skin throughout the day and is a lovely base for the foundation to go on.

L'oreal Youth Code Essence - I tried the eye essence and loved it and saw really good results so I thought I should give this ago. Hopefully this will brighten and boost my skin and since I will be on holiday thought I will test this out.

Eveline Eye Cream - My go to eye cream and I love it, really does brighten up the eye area. Being on holiday can be very tiring and getting eye bags is inevitable and having a good eye cream is essential and this my go so I thought I should take this with me and since its not very heavy and bulky its perfect.

There are a few extras that I will taking with me added to my regular skincare. We plan to go to a few different places and certain places it will sunny and hot so having these extra will help those long days where we will be out all day.


Rexona Deodorant - A good all day deodorant that will keep you at ease so you don't need to worry about body odor. it does what its suppose to do and drys invisible. Its a travel size so doesn't take up a lot space as well.

Evian Facial Spray - Such a refreshing facial mist to have when your feeling tired and hot to give you a little pick me up on your long day. I take this on my long hikes and went it gets too hot and I feel a bit tired I spritz this a bit and it really does refresh you up.

Vaseline Spray Moisturiser - I took this on my holiday to japan and it was awesome, made getting ready in a hurry super fast as the moisturiser gets absorbed super easy into the skin. It does leave an oily residue behind but you do need to be careful because it can tend to get sprayed every where so I suggest you hold it a bit closer to your skin while spraying it. It lasts around ten days so if your holiday is a bit longer than that then you might run out.

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Body Mist Sunscreen - So much easier than actually applying your sunscreen on with your hands. Its faster and gets absorbed so much faster as well so your not spending a big part of getting ready in the morning applying sunscreen. It doesn't leave a white or oily residue behind.

So there goes a few of the skincare stuff I will be taking with me, I still haven't decided on what travel shampoo and shower gel I will be taking with me but I still have time and I can always use the hotel toiletries till I get my own, it will all depend on space. These are my essentials and must have skincare products that I need to have with me.

What do you think of my travel essentials? What do you take with you when your travelling? Let me know what you think in the comment box below.




  1. Wow these are so many products!! I have yet to try them

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

    1. I have not tried the Vichy and L'oreal products but the rest are really good


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