Friday, 2 October 2015


Outfit posts are some of my favourite fashion posts because it gives you an idea of how to style certain clothes together and come with an outstanding and fashionable outfit. Last week for my second outfit inspiration posts which you can read HERE I did boxy tops and culottes. So for this weeks outfit inspiration I have long vests and midi skirts.



Midi skirts are so stylish that you have the option of wearing them casually, to work or even on a night out. I think that it is one piece of fashion that is so versatile that the options are endless, however adding a long vest I think can take the outfit to a whole other level completely.

I have put three outfits that are perfect for the casual look, party look and more of refined look. For a casual look I think a denim midi skirt with tee is super comfy and then adding a long vest kind of adds a little of an edgy look. Wearing a pair of wedge boots kind of gives it as punk look. Perfect for a soft casual look. The next look I feel is perfect for a casual Friday look and drinks after hours. The simple pleated skirt with baguette looks a bit party like but adding the long black sleeveless vest kind of gives its a dressed down look and the platform shoes again lifts it up making perfect for work. You could wear a vest with a collar to make it more work appropriate. The final look is perfect for a night out with friends. The textured skirt and leather crop top looks and feels punk and dressed up but adding the long vest can give it a bit of softer look. The lace sandals look perfect for night out dancing making it look sophisticated to complete the look.

So there goes another one of my outfit inspiration for you'll, midi skirts and long vests. The possibilities are endless as to how you can style these fashion accessories, but I think wearing the long vest as an accessory to your outfit is my tip like an extension to your outfit. What do you think of this weeks outfit inspiration? Do you like the combination of midi skirts and long vests? Let me know what you think in the comment box below.




  1. Great picks! I am in love with midi skirt and long vest recently too. They are just so chic and elegant.

    Don’t forget to come back every Wednesday to link up with me!
    Take care and keep in touch!

    1. Thank you Grace and I will check the link up on your blog

  2. I'm loving sporting a Midi skirt lately and it's almost become a new obsession to see what they can be teamed with. Lovely selection and perfect for the A/W 'Noir' and 'Gothic Glamour'

    Chloe Mary Davis |


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