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I am someone that likes to try different products and skincare is one of them, specially after I started my blog I have been really enjoying testing and trying new products so I can write about them for you. I have been really enjoying it but the down side is that you tend to hoard a few products and seem to forget the products that you once fell in love with. Today I thought I will share a few of those skincare products that have been neglected over a time period and I think for some of them its time to be put a side completely.


My Least Used Skincare Products

Kate Somerville Goat Milk - This moisturizer is actually very luxurious feeling. I did enjoy using it but with time I found new products to try out and seasons changed and it was forgotten. One of the main reasons I stopped using it was that when summer came it kind of made my skin feel oilier as its more of a thicker moisturizer and that is like the plaque when it comes to oily skin and the sun so i stopped using it and moved onto the nest best thing. You can catch the full REVIEW if you want a detailed description.

Crabtree &Evelyn Honey and Blossom Moisturizer - I new from the beginning that it was a thick moisturizer but I had read a few good reviews and was on the look out for a moisturizer that will perk up my dull looking skin. I used this with the serum in the same range and man didn't it perk up my skin. My skin looked brighter and had a glow. I got asked so many times what I am using and how my skin was glowing so it really is a good moisturizer to use if you want to perk your skin up. As usual I had to try something new and this went to the back of the cupboard and was forgotten. You can catch the full REVIEW if you want a detailed description.

Avene Cleanance K - I had mixed feeling from the beginning about this and never used it on a daily basis. I realized that using this when my skin broke out kind helped it to calm down. I stopped using t because my skin kind of felt tingly whenever I used this moisturizer and I was a bit scared to use it everyday thinking it will break out. However it did keep my skin matte looking and I have it as a backup for when my skin is in trouble. You can catch the full REVIEW if you want a detailed description.

Eveline Moisturizer - I used this moisturizer during the winter and my skin is more combination with odd dry patched here and there. This was the perfect moisturizer for it as it helped my dry skin and controlled my oily t-zone at the same time. When winter came along however it was a bit too thick for my skin and my skin was getting quite oily throughout the day so i have stopped using it at the moment. It was just too thick and felt heavy on my skin in the summer but since winter is around the corner I think I will give it ago once again.You can catch the full REVIEW if you want a detailed description.

Kate Somerville Oil Free Moisturizer - A light weight moisturizer and you will think that I will keep using it but for some reason I for strayed and my eyes went onto something else. It did help my oily skin under control but I think I eventually got a bit bored. I think though that its time to actually get rid of this because it kind of smells a bit funny, sadly I neglected it way too long. You can catch the full REVIEW if you want a detailed description.

There goes mini reviews of the skincare products I have sadly neglected. They are worth investing in if your intrigued by them. Have you tried any of the products? Like me have you forgotten that they were there in your bathroom cupboard? What have you been neglecting recently? Let me know what you think in the comment box below.



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