Wednesday, 7 October 2015


Summer is the time for all sorts of fresh smelling body mists and fragrances and even deodorants. One brand that I rely on for keeping me fresh and away from body odour (I know we all don't like that issue) is Dove. I love the Dove Pure Deodorant and have repurchased it a couple of times but early on in summer I was looking for something that was a bit more fresh and something that smelled like summer and that was when I came across the Dove Cucumber and Green Tea Deodorant, a lovely fresh smelling deodorant. It actually smells of a mix of cucumber and green tea (but more of green tea). I bought mine from local grocery store and it cost around HK$30


Dove Cucumber & Green Tea Deodorant

Dove Cucumber & Green Tea Deodorant

The packaging is nothing too fancy, a plain white tube and its a roll on type deodorant. The cucumber and green tea deodorant is a such a lovely refreshing deodorant. Smells of summer and actually makes me feel really refreshes and clean. The minute you open the deodorant the fresh fragrance comes your way and once you have worn it, it sure does last the whole day. I wear it in the morning till evening even after going out it will still keep you feeling refreshed and keep body odour at bay (unless your someone who needs very strong deodorants). There are not white patches and residue left behind once the deodorant is dried and the best part is that the deodorant didn't turn my under arms black like some deodorants tend to do.

Overall I would say its an inexpensive, lovely and refreshing deodorant that will get the job done. It will keep you refreshed throughout the day feeling clean. I loved it so much that I repurchased it twice during the summer. I have not been disappointed by Dove so far so I think I will stick with this brand when it comes to deodorants.

Have you tried any of the Dove deodorants? Which is your favourite fragrance? let me know what you think in the comment box below.


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