Monday, 21 September 2015


A pair of eyelash curlers and a mascara are a saviour for a girl like me with short and stubby lashes. I am always on the look out for new mascara's to help me pretend like I have long and full lashes and I love discovering new mascara's because it helps me with my work when I have clients. Most days whenever I go out during the day I always wear mascara or at least try to. Today I have another mascara that I discovered recently have been really liking, its the Max Factor false Lash Effect Mascara. I bought it from Bonjour for HK$59 as it was on offer at that time I bought it.





Firstly let me start with the packaging, its the usual style that Max Factor have with most of their mascaras, a sleek black packaging. The wand and the short bristles on the wand are plastic and you can can have a good grip of the wand. When taking the wand out of the mascara tube I did notice that, there was no excess mascara on the bristles so yo don't have to wipe off the excess. I love this about this mascara if not most of the time your wiping off excess and wasting the mascara. The wand is easy to use and maneuver around even though it seems really big and bulky.

I was able to reach the root of the lashes when applying the mascara on the eyelashes and they get full coated with the mascara. I always try to curl my lashes before applying the mascara as it makes my lashes hold the  mascara hold the shape much longer. Usually if the mascara is not up to standard my lashes feel uncomfortable and I feel as if there is something in my eyes because the lashes irritate my eyes, however this didn't do any of those things. My lashes looked thick, fuller and as if I had long lashes. The lashes don't get clumped or stuck together but actually each lash is coated with mascara and makes my lashes look so much better. I am a fan of Max factor mascaras and you catch my review of their Wild Mega Volume Mascara as they do some very good ones. The mascara is waterproof and i think that helps the mascara last all day, it doesn't get flaky throughout the day which is always a plus. My lashes did feel weighed down or heavy at all once I had applied the mascara.

When it comes to taking the mascara off isn't too difficult and is actually pretty easy. Since the mascara is waterproof I usually soak a cotton pad with eye makeup remover and hold it for about a 30 seconds on my eyes and then slowly wipe it off. The mascara comes off without any difficulty. Even if I haven't done this and straight away remove the mascara, it comes off without a lot of effort. The extra is that while your removing it the mascara doesn't get flaky and start crumbling while taking it off. As much as its easy to wear its also easy to take off without a lot of effort.

Overall I have been really enjoying using this mascara, it gives me lashes that I really like without clumping them up, lasts all day so what more do you want form a mascara. I really do recommend that you give this mascara ago.

Have you tried the Max Factor false lash effect mascara? What did you think? Let me know what you think in the comment box below.



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