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Today I have the second part of my eyebrow series, if you missed the first part don't worry you can read it HERE. I am on a mission to make sure everyone has a chance to have their perfect brows. The best for me about wearing makeup is seeing the transformation my brows have on my whole look once they are done up and ever since I saw that difference I knew I needed to make sure I shared what I knew on how to achieve the perfect brow. Today I will be focusing on how you should be filling your brows.



Its like magic, and with a sleight of hand and few products you can make sparse brows look fuller and perfect in just minutes so don't forget to fill your brows, its absolutely important.


The first thing is that you need to find a brow pencil or powder that is at least two shades lighter than your hair. The next step is to fill the gaps in your brows by making short, angled strokes in the same direction that your brow hairs are growing. Do not try to exaggerate and go beyond the natural lines of your brows, you will only make them look worse and done up.


For those bushy brow gals, you can skip this step and go straight to step 3. Once you have filled in your brows and your happy with the outcome, lightly sweep your brows with a tinted brow gel or a clear gel. You need to do this in the opposite direction from when you were filling them in, from the tail to the inner corner of your brow (you can tap off the excess before using on a tissue). Once you have done this then with what ever that is remaining on the mascara wand run the wand through your brows in the direction the hairs are growing to neaten it out and seal everything in place. This way by running the wand back and forth the hairs get fully coated and makes it look fuller. Now head over to step 4.


For the bush gals brows, all you need to do is run a powder through your brows with an angled brush (the powder should be a colour between your skin tone and brow hairs). This will help you set the pencil, blend the pigments together and it will add a natural look to your brows. Brow pencils tends to have a slight shine and powders are more matte)


Finally once everything is done, comb your brows with a clean spoolie to remove the excess products and soften the edges and harsh lines. This way you are creating the illusion of thicker, fuller brows without making them look over done. try not to skip this step, its simple and quite essential to creating the perfect brows.

These are the four simple steps to achieving the perfect brow that looks right for you. First remember to get them shaped accordingly. You will see a big difference once you start grooming and filling your brows and how much dimension it will give your face. Once you start the process gets much faster and easier and you fill figure out the best method that suits you. These are just guidelines for all the newbies.

How do you fill your brows? Is it different to the way I have mentioned? Let me know what you think in the comment box below.




  1. Nice post! I use only grey pencil for my brows!;)

    1. Thank you Anna. I use dark brown since my brow hair is black

  2. this is so helpful! i love it when beauty bloggers do stuff like this <3 its a bit like giving back :D

    Jessica |

    1. I am glad you like it and thank you for the encouragement Jessica


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