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Grooming your own eyebrows can be a task if you are not an expert but there are a few tips and tricks that you can do yourself to keep your brows looking perfect at all times. Today in my third installment of my 'Eyebrow Series' is all about Tips and Tricks of The Trade. If you did catch my previous post on How To Fill Your Brows have a look, you might learn a few tips you didn't know already.




I have tried tweezing and waxing my eyebrows but nothing compares to getting your eyebrows threaded. I feel its so much neater and it gives your brows more definition. I also realized that whenever I have threaded my brows that the hairs take a bit longer to grow back than waxing or tweezing. So my advice would be to find a salon or person who does eyebrow threading, you will not regret it. Your brows will look neater and have a cleaner finish.


I know its hideous to remember you have not done your eyebrows before you have somewhere to go and your immediate reaction is to bring out the tweezers, DON'T do it. This will only sabotage the shape of your brows. Get the professionally done, you can survive one day with messy brows if not you will regret it later on. If you notice any grey hair in your eyebrows, don't pluck them off it will leave gaps in-between your brows making it worse instead just use a tinted brow gel or get them professionally dyed.


If they seem a bit unruly just use a spoolie and comb your brow straight up and just trim the hairs that are sticking out (longest ones) with a pair of eyebrow scissors. Do not over do it just keep the scissors away and go get them professionally done up.


Whenever you use powder to fill in your brows the best method would be to use TWO different brow powders. This is the reason that brow powders come in two shades, the lighter shade is for the inner corners of your brows and the darker shade is for the arch and tail area of the brows. Remember always to choose a powder or pencil that is ONE shade lighter than your skin, this ensures that it looks more natural than being over done.


We all want the perfect arch but unfortunately we cant all have it so the best trick would be to highlight right above and below the arch with a foundation/concealer that is ONE shade lighter than your foundation. This will give the illusion of raised eyebrows. You need ensure you blend it well but not so much that it will disappear. Instead of a foundation and concealer you could also use a highlight powder or a cream eye shadow and it will still give the same effect.

I hope you have learned something new or will stop doing something that your not supposed to be doing so you can have runway eyebrows that are perfect. I am hoping by the end of my series that you will be able to achieve the eyebrows that you deserve and desire with my help.

How do you groom and maintain your brows at home? Did you learn anything new? Let me know what you think in the comment box below.



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