Thursday, 3 September 2015


Eyebrows are so important as they frame and give shape to your face. It is very important that you understand your face shape so that you can find the perfect eyebrow shape for your face, so today I thought I will share my knowledge on eyebrows that I have learnt along the way with a four part Eyebrow Series covering, shape, how to fill your brows, trips and tricks and a few products I would recommend. Today is the part 1 and in this instalment its all about finding your perfect shape.




The basic rule is that your brow arch should line up with the outer edge of your pupil. Depending on the shape of your face you can determine the 'how high, how long and how thick' you want your eyebrows to be.


Square face have very prominent and striking jaw lines. This means that your brows need to be even more prominent, bolder and stronger. You will need to create the illusion of fuller and thicker brows, if not the main focus will be jaw lines. The aim is to create a diversion by having bold brows so that the attention your jaw lines gets is reduced and not so prominent. I have a square face and always ensure my brows are well groomed and bold and stand out. It does make a difference believe.


A round face needs structure and more definition to it. To be able to accomplish this you need sharp, angular lines when it comes to your brows. I recommend getting them threaded as the brows are much neater and the lines are well defined. I personally get my brows threaded as they look so much better than tweezing. You could also trim your brows with a pair of scissors to create some softness but remember sharp, clean and well defined lines brows is what your aiming at.


A long shaped face needs balance and the best way to do this is by shaping your brows the correct way. You need to elongate your eyebrows horizontally, remember not vertically. The tail of your brow needs to be extended just past the outer corners of your eyes. If it doesn't you can extend them by using a powder to fill in the gaps.


Heart shape is the trickiest face shape when it comes to finding the shape of your brows. Your face has a sharp point at the chin, so the solution is to create a softer look. Your brows need to have low, straightish arches that are basically hugging your brow bone. Be careful when filling your brows as they shouldn't look over done. Remember to use a light hand when filling your brows.

I have shared a guide to finding the perfect brow shape for your face shape but that doesn't mean that this is a hard and fast rule. You will be able to find the perfect shape after a few trials so don't worry. I recommend threading as its neater and gives you well defined brows that have a clean finish.I hope this guide helps you find your ideal brow shape. How did you find your perfect brow shape? let me know what you think in the comment box below.



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