Friday, 25 September 2015


I love browsing polyvore as it has a lot of outfit ideas and so today I have another outfit inspiration today. I have been seeing a lot of outfits with culottes and so I thought I will put an outfit together that I would wear. I think boxy tops and culottes makes the best outfit combination so today I have put together an outfit that's perfect for the day time and for an evening night out.



I think culottes are polished take on the boring old tailored looking trousers. They work just as much with a pair of heels for work and all you need to do is switch your heels for a pair of pumps or sneakers and your good to go for a more casual take on it.

I have put together an outfit that I would actually wear myself. I like the bold top with a contrasting coloured culotte, perfect for night out. I rarely wear heels so opted for a pair of wedges. I have been wearing big sun hats and have been really liking and thought it will be a perfect accessory for a night out creating a movie start look. To brighten up the outfit I chose a gold bracelet cuff that will add colour and brighten the whole look.

For a day look I prefer to be comfortable as possible, so chose a pair of denim culottes (what is more comfortable than denim) and comfy cotton top (a light colour to keep the heat away). A pair of chucks creating a sporty vibe and to complete the look a pair of bold round sunglasses, perfect for a day out with friends or shopping. A simple and clean outfit.


1. Culottes are easy to style just remember to treat them like a sundress, match your culottes and the top and wear it with a pair of wedges and it will balance the different volumes.

2. For a casual weekend look the perfect option would be to switch your usual sweat pants for a pair of culottes and sneakers, you will be comfortable yet stylish.

3. If you go for a bold or printed pair of culottes opt for a simple and plain top. treat them like wearing a midi skirt.

4. Bored with your plain old work clothes? Culottes is a good way to trend up your look without drawing too much attention. Keep simple and clean like wearing a plain black culottes and a simple white shirt and a leather jacket instead of a blazer.

So there goes my outfit inspiration for this week, hope you like wearing boxy tops and culottes. I think I need to go find one for my upcoming holiday. Would be the perfect piece to add to my wardrobe so I can double for day and night time.

Have you bought a pair of culottes yet? What do you think of them? Let me know what you think in the comment box below.




  1. Great inspiration! Loving both styles of culottes and the glasses and sneakers are fab! xo


    1. Thank you Jen, glad you liked it


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