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We all know that we need to be dependent when it comes to achieving flawless hair. Its difficult to achieve runway hair or Victoria Secret model hair. One look I always keep leaning towards is the natural wave. My hair used to be dead straight as a kid but with all the styling and hair cuts over the years it has becomes less straight and leaning more towards waves so I have learned to embrace it. Even though I have leaned to embrace my waves I do like to have straight hair on and off for a change and do achieve that one brand I have always turned to is Babyliss. I have been using their hair dryers for quite awhile and recently changed to a new one and bought the Babyliss Turbo Shine 5116U. I got the hair dryer down from Boots in the UK and it cost £14.99



The hair dryer is quite compact and lightweight. I love the colour all black, simple and neat. The wire is pretty long and gives you enough room to move around. There two different speed setting and one cold setting on the hair dryer. This hair dryer is packed with iconic drying technology which can break down the water and reduce the time your hair is exposed to the heat. This same technology can also reduce frizz, and give a smooth and shinny finish to your hair.

Let me tell you my experience with this hair dryer. I am always drying my hair in the last minute after I have finished getting ready, this only leaves me a few minutes before I have to leave so my hair drying time is always cut short. This hair dryer has a powerful 2000W that makes the hair drying time much quicker and easier. I first rough blow dry my hair and within about 2 minutes my hair is half dry, then I use a brush to blow dry my hair straight and within about five minutes my hair is all dry and I am ready to go. With my previous hair dryer, which was also a Babyliss it took much longer and I would always leave with half dried hair. The turbo shine blow dryer not only dries my hair faster but it also gives so much volume, I love it and my hair feels so much lighter. My hair is frizz free (I don't really have a lot of short hair), super soft and smooth and I would say has a slight glossy finish after blow drying my hair with this Turbo Shine hair dryer.

Hair After Blow Drying It With The Turbo Shine

I actually don't need to use a brush to get straight hair and even just rough drying my hair is enough to get relatively straight hair with a slight wave. I have been really enjoying this hair dryer and for the price I think its pretty worth every penny. I definitely recommend this hair dryer and if your on a budget then definitely give this ago.

Have you ever used a Babyliss hair dryer? What do you think of the Babyliss Turbo Shine hair dryer? Let me know what you think in the comment box below?




  1. I haven't used any of there hair products I know my sister loves the brand

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

    1. They are pretty good given that the price is affordable

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