Wednesday, 23 September 2015


I loved watching YouTube videos of how girls curl their hairs and teach you how to curl your own. After watching so many videos I decided to give it ago and see for myself if I could do it. I was living in the UK at that time so I popped into boots and bought one for myself. I loved my Babyliss hair dryer so thought I will buy a hair curler from Babyliss, so I bought the Babyliss Pro Curl 210. It cost £18 and you can buy it from any Boots in the UK.



This tong is 25mm tourmaline-ceramic barrel with a heating of up to 210°C with four different heat settings to choose from. This hair tong has an advanced ceramic heating system hat allows it to heat up very fast and retain the throughout till you finish using it. The hair tong heats up pretty fast once it has been switched on and is constant throughout on which ever heat level you choose.

As its a tong it does takes a bit longer to finish curling your hair but the curls are very soft and smooth once you have curled it. You get a nice and tight ringlet from curling your hair with this curling iron. You can curl the hair with ease as you can grip quite a large section at a time. The curl is then much larger and has a softer look to it. I have very fine hair that is relatively straight so the hair stays curled maybe for about 2-3 hours. The humidity in Hong Kong and the texture of my hair don't help either. I did find it a bit difficult to curl the back part of my hair and it takes a bit of time to get the rhythm of curling your hair. The hair curler can rotate 360 so moving the curler around your head is not a problem. I now mainly use it on my clients whenever they want curls or waves. Its easy to use and since it has the technology to retain the same heat throughout, you get the same temperature till you finish curling. The best part is that it gets heated up super fast and you don't really have to use the highest heat level, this way the hair is not exposed to very high heat and you can finish curling a full head pretty fast.

For the price I think its a good budget curling tong, easy to use and has a proper heating system that allows you to finish curling faster. After using this for quite awhile now, I prefer a curling wand to curl my own hair, I feel its a bit easier. However if your using it to curl someone's hair like a client then definitely yes.

I have enjoyed using this curling iron and continue to use it. it has lasted me over 4 years and is still going strong. It still heats up well and the hair gets curled properly. I love Babyliss for this very reason as their hair tools lasts quite a long time without any issues so its definitely worth the investment.

Do you use a curling iron? What is your go to brand? Let me know what you think in the comment box below?



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