Wednesday, 30 September 2015


Let me start by saying that as much as I love embracing my natural hair that is now a bit wavy I do love to straighten my hair. Some times its juts nice to have hair that's easy to manage and on those lazy days its the easiest style to have. A few years ago I had shorter hair than what I have now. The Babyliss 2039BU Hair Straightener is exclusive to Boots and it cost £14.99 I couldn't find it on the Babyliss website. The straightener is a relatively smaller than a regular one but not exactly a mini, more like in between.




The straightener has a temperature of 215ºC and gets heated up in 60 seconds. It doesn't have different temperature settings only an on/off switch and it gets heated up right away to 215ºC. It has ceramic plates that is supposed to give a smooth and even glide through your hair that is effortless.

I did find it easy to iron my hair while it was short. Once the hair was straightened it lasted around 2 days for me even after slightly getting wet in the shower. The straightener can rotate 360 so moving it around isn't an issue and you can reach the back of your hair without a difficulty. Once my hair grew out and became longer I noticed that my hair wasn't getting ironed so well and the hair was getting tugged at while ironing. The plates are pretty small so you can only iron small portion at a time, takes a bit longer to iron. I don't like the fat that it doesn't have different heat levels to choose from and you have to stick to the given temperature.

A small and compact hair straightener that will be perfect for short hair in my opinion with the price and the size of the plate the straightener definitely fits shorter hair the best. If your on a budget and don't straighten your hair on regular basis then it would be fine but if your regular hair straightener then this will not be the best option.

Have you tried this hair straightener from Babyliss? What is your go to to straighten your hair? Let me know what you think in the comment box below.



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  1. This is a pretty best hair straighteners . It works as a flat iron and also locks together to create a heated curler with combs. The curler comb function is great for touching up blowouts. Just use dry shampoo at the roots. Comb through and you are good to go. High quality iron that has no chemical smell.


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