Thursday, 13 August 2015


In the summer I tends to wear pressed powder unless its an occasion or special event. As my skin quite oily during this time I stay away from liquid bases and to be able to do that I need a good powder brush. A good brush allows for a clean and smooth application and some times can give you a full coverage. The Real Techniques Powder Brush is one of the best I have come across. I bought mine from Boots in the UK and it cost £12.99. If you live in Hong Kong you can buy Real techniques from Hakme Beauty and Dudes HK





There is nothing much to say, we all love Real Technique makeup brushes. They are affordable and the best part is that they are such quality makeup brushes. So lets get straight to how this powder brush performs. The handles are the perfect size and gives a good hold and they are easy to get a good grip. The bristles on the brush are synthetic and are absolutely super soft and very delicate on the skin. The brush can actually stand alone and is very light.

At the moment I am wearing pressed powders as my makeup base and the easiest way to apply it smoothly is by using a good powder brush. This is where the Real techniques powder brush comes in, the wide brush allows for the whole face to get an even coverage and gives a medium to full coverage depending on the pressed powder. Its easy to swirl around the powders and it picks up the product really easily. The brush is even perfect for loose powders except you do need to wipe off the excess loose powder. The brush feels soft and actually comfortable on the skin when applying the powder.

The brush is easy to wash and the best part is that there has never been any shedding of the bristles while washing the brush or even after it has been dried. The shape of the brush has not changed and I have been using this brush for over three years now and washing it numerous times. I use the brush sometimes to apply my blush and smoothes it out. So it does have a multi-purpose to it. I have also blended in cream blush and it blended it smoothly.

The powder brush is my favourite from all the brushes I have from the brand and I do have quite a few. It gives you a smooth and even layer of the powder, not too heavy and doesn't look over done. They are very affordable and have amazing quality. Definitely worth the investment and I recommend that you get one for yourself as well.

The brush is lovely and definitely worth a try. Have you ever tried the powder brush by Real Techniques? What is your favourite powder brush? Let me know what you think in the comment box below.




  1. Great to know these brushes are worth trying. I don't have any snd this is s great review. I would definitely try one now. Brushes are ridiculously expensive!

    1. Glad it helped you and its worth every penny you spend


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