Saturday, 22 August 2015


Today's culture is such that you go from work straight to a cocktail or drinks to catch up. Some times you even have business meetings over a drink, so its quite important to be dressed and prepared for any occasion. This weeks outfit is all about going from day to night. An outfit you can wear to work and even go out later on the evening.


Day to Night Outfit

Day to Night Outfit

Day to Night Outfit

Day to Night Outfit

I love pencil skirts and they are perfect for work as well. Since the skirt has a lot going on I decided to wear a simple and plain white top. I tucked it in so that it looks more work appropriate. Luckily it does look good tucked in even for the evening. If you like you could wear blazer with this outfit so it looks for professional. If you are a heels kind of gal then wearing the heels for work is fine but if aren't then I suggest wearing a pair of pumps or wedges so it wont look too dressed down.

Going from day to night I would maybe wear a necklace or heavier earrings. The outfit itself is quite rich so there isn't much you need to change up to wear it for a cocktails or drinks. Pencil skirts are the perfect accessory for a working girl to have. They are easy to style and are very dressy.

So what do you think of how I have styled a pencil skirt? Do you like my OOTD? Let me know what you think in the comment box below.


* Photographs taken by Frank Tam for My Fashion Stage



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