Friday, 28 August 2015


Disco fashion was the bomb in the 1970's but surely and slowly that trend faded off. As time goes by  have noticed that more fashion trends from the past are making a come back and one those trends in the disco fashion trend. In the early days discos were a place to wear bell bottom, platform shoes, sequins, jumpsuits and halter dresses and bold patterns. Today lots of high-end designers are bringing back the old trend but with a modern twist and flare to it.



For me what I love about the disco fashion trend is the bling. Its easy to style and one trend we can wear today. Lots of people today put their own spin on the disco trend and one of that is rock glam look and disco platform. When adopting this style for yourself you need to be careful because not everything will suit you and your personality.  Disco fashion has slinkiness, shine and lot of skin showing off in today's take on it.

A Few Tips To Consider

1. Your outfit needs to be bold and loud and be bigger than you. Let your inner fashion personality shine through by wearing something flamboyant.

2.  If you outfit is toned down then go for big platform shoes and big hair

3. Carry a statement bag with a gold buckle or print

4. Your outfit can have studs, spikes, glitter and sequins but not all at once.

5. Wear metallic and spandex together ad that makes for a good combination. Just remember to wear black spandex as its quite glam.

I hope the next time you go out that you will be able to rock the rock glam look with my tips. Find a style that suits you and make one key piece of your outfit stand out. I would suggest that you don't  over do it just because its the fashion or trend, adopt your own personal style to the current trend. Will you trying the rock glam trend any time soon? How to wear current trends when it comes to fashion? Let me know what you think in the comment box below.




  1. Fab post! Thanks for the tips! I love anything glittery and sparkly so this trend is right up my alley!

    Keisha xo

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