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The word bohemian is associated with being unconventional and out of norm, so when it comes to dressing or styling the bohemian look you need to just remember Kate Moss or Sienna Miller as they were quite famous for dressing in this style. Today the boho look has more of a grunge look and feel to it. Today it represents fashion that is individualistic, romantic and free spirited. Lets take a look at what the bohemian style looks like.



Bohemian style today is very popular and more and more people are adopting this trend or at least incorporating parts of it to their own style.

Adopting The Bohemian Style

1. You need to find what suits you the best, don't blindly follow a trend because you think it looks cool. Sienna Miller and Kate Moss are fashion trend setters because they didn't follow the pack but they created their own trends doing what they do best, finding their own personal style.

2. Bohemian style means expressing your emotions through fashion. Its not about wearing flowing skirts and, flip flops and head bands. Your personality needs to shine through your style and clothes that you choose.

3. Finding the perfect match isn't what this style is about. You need to learn to mix and match your wardrobe and create something different. Do you have a white shift dress? try styling it with a scarf and strappy brown sandals. You can even add a belt and wear a few head accessories. The possibilities are endless.

4. Accessories play a big part when it comes to this trend. Bohemian style is always about the small details. Any one with a good taste in fashion will take a white blouse and pair it with the obvious black pencil skirt, black patent pumps, and, if she's really daring, a red leather handbag. I personally would wear a black back as I am not that courageous. This is a classic look. A bohemian chic will take this classic look and wear the blouse under a black shift dress adding black tights and ankle boots, and a hair accessory such as a red knit beret and for the handbags, the possibilities are endless.

So remember always to add your touch in to your style and without your knowledge you will create a bohemian look. It will be your own spin on the famous bohemian look. I have shows how I would style this look with my own spin, a bit more conventional but hey that's how I dress. Some of you might like to be a bit more adventurous, I say go ahead you live only once.

I hope you got a few tips and tricks on how to style the bohemian trend. Let me know what you think in the comment box below.




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