Friday, 10 July 2015


I love lace and whenever I think of lace I always picture the most beautiful wedding dress and it is undoubtedly one of the most sexy things to wear. You can wear lace whether your style is edgy, ladylike or a rock chic. Lace is perfect for a casual to glamorous look but there are a few things to remember when wearing lace and I thought I will share my tips and tricks.



Styling Tips For Wearing Lace

1. We usually like black or white lace outfits but this season try to venture out towards coloured lace like bright colours. Wearing coloured lace itself is a statement so tone done your accessories and opt for more neutral jewellery instead.

2. When wearing lace for a more casual look always go for a lace material that is light, this way the outfit will look for casual than dressed up. Heavier material tends to make the lace look rich and more appropriate for an evening look.

3. I think white and black lace is more occasion wear and can add a little bit of glamour to the whole look. If you think white is more wedding dress appropriate accessorize it with bold statement jewellery.

4. finally if lace is bit too bold for you why not try contrasting outfits to tone it down. If you wear a white lace dress in the day white not wear a denim jacket to make it more casual and if you like the rock chic look then pair with a leather jacket.

Lace can be beautiful and you can create some amazing outfits so don't be afraid to mix and match so you can find your personal style when it comes to wearing lace your way.

What is your take on wearing lace this season? How do you wear lace? Let me know what you think in the comment box below? I hope these tips have helped you or even encouraged you to venture out to try something new.




  1. Love all these tips! I really do need to get more colored lace in my wardrobe! I love all your inspiration, so many great pieces!

    Denise | Fashion Love Letters

    1. Thank you and glad you enjoyed the post


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