Wednesday, 8 July 2015


Ever since moving to Hong Kong my skin has been breaking out and has become even more oilier than normal. My skin is oily to combination and it is naturally oily but now its even more oilier than usual. I think that's mainly to weather and external factors and I have been having break outs quite frequently. This has been my biggest issue and headache and it can be quite depressing when your skin is facing break out issues. Ever since then I have been on the look out for a moisturizer that will help me keep my oily skin can bay and try and control my break outs. I have tried quite a few different option like this ONE and this ONE. It has helped for awhile but not exactly what I have been looking for. That was until I found this Oil Free Moisturizer by Neutrogena. I bought it from Priceline in Australia when I was there as I couldn't find it here in Hong Kong and it cost AUS$13.99




Let me first start with the packaging, its very handy and perfect for travel. What I love about it is that it has a pump and so you wont be poking your fingers into the moisturizer and there is no way germs can get into it. I have plans to take it with me on my upcoming trip because you can lock the pump so there wont be any leakage as well. That definitely a plus when you have to take skincare products with you on holidays.

They have this moisturize for each skin type and I bought the one for combination skin as I do have a bit of dryness on my cheeks at the moment and my t-zone is an oily mess. I have been using this moisturiser everyday for over 4 weeks and I can say that I love it. This moisturizer claims to moisturise dry areas and at the same time control shine in oily areas. Neutrogena is known to help problematic skin and since of late I have been using quite a few of their products like their cleanser and toner as well. Having this moisturizer has really helped my skin at the moment. Lets see how it has helped my skin.

This moisturiser has a light weight, non greasy formula that helps to moisturise dry areas without leaving it oily and feeling greasy. The moisturiser also has an oil absorbing micro-sponge technology that controls oil and shine in your t-zone. How awesome is that.

All you need is one pump which is more than enough for your whole face. As I mentioned before its absolutely light and doesn't feel greasy at all when I apply it onto my face. It gets absorbed relatively quickly and easy is very easy to apply. I noticed that my skin was much smoother and softer and that my dry areas weren't visible any more and my skin was shine free till end of the day. I also did use another moisturiser to see if my skin would be matte throughout the day so I can compare, and boy didn't I notice the difference. Whenever I used the Neutrogena moisturise my skin till evening was shine free and if I used another moisturizer my skin by midday would become oily and shiny.  So I have to say that I have been enjoying using this specially as it is summer. Wearing makeup was easy as well and my foundation or powder foundation went on with easy and I feel that I was able to get a matte finish for much longer when ever I applied this moisturiser, specially when I wear pressed powder foundations. My makeup didn't get patchy or flaky throughout the day because some moisturisers can do that.

Overall a wonderful  moisturiser that will help you keep you shine at bay and at the same help your problematic skin. usually whenever I go out, the nest day I will get at least one small pimple but ever since using this that hasn't happened and my break outs have been limited to hormonal ones when ever I am pmsing. This has been really wonderful and I love using this moisturiser everyday in the morning and night. I definitely recommend the moisturiser from this range and you should definitely give it ago.

What do you think if this moisturiser? Have you ever tried any Neutrogena Moisturisers? Let me know what you think in the comment box below.




  1. I love the brand!! It works well with my skin and doesn't leave me to break out


    1. I love it too and it has helped my skin a lot as well

      Nashia | MakeupandBeautyMayhem

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    1. I shall have a look, thank you

  3. Anonymous7/08/2015

    I followed you on gfc thank you <3 LOVELY POST !!

  4. Hi! I really liked your blog: it is interesting and exciting, makes coming back here again and again) I am happy to follow you through the GFC! :)

    With love, Nastya Deutsch ❤

    1. Thank you and I have followed you on GFC as well

  5. Nice post!

  6. nice review

  7. I love this stuff! I use the sensitive skin one, and it worked great for me during Accutane.

    Kat ♥

    1. I know its great isn't it... I love it

  8. Anonymous7/11/2015

    I have the same moisturizer and I love it. As you mentioned in your post it is very lightweight and isn't greasy at all (which I really like).

    1. It not being greasy is the best part about it. Thank you


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