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Everyone or lets say most of you double cleanse in either in the morning or night. As I am working as a freelance makeup artist I don't have work everyday and don't wear makeup all the time. However I do like to use a face wash while in the shower after I have done my regular cleansing. This way I get to control my oiliness throughout the day. A lot of people say a bit fat NO to using face washes but I on the other hand quite like it and it does help my skin, specially during summer when I tend to break out the most and I also double cleanse with a face wash during summer to handle the excess oiliness.

Since of late I have been loving Neutrogena and at the moment my skincare regime is full of its products. I love their oil free moisturizer that I did a review a few days ago, you can read it if you like over HERE. There are however certain products that I cant buy here in Hong Kong so when I went to Australia I thought I will buy a few and one product I bought was the Neutrogena Oil-Eliminating Foaming Cleanser. I bought it from Priceline and it cost AUS$10.99




This foaming cleanser has a formula that is specially for acne prone skin and at the time I bought this I was having quite a few break out and my face as oily mess. Hong Kong is quite humid during summer and my skin gets really oily so I am always on the look out for skincare that can handle this weather. This cleanser is supposed to clear out clogged pores, remove makeup with ease and leave the skin shine free for hours without over drying the skin. 

There is nothing much to talk about when it comes to the packaging, very basic and just like most face washes, it comes in a tube. I think its good for travel and I intend on taking it with me on my upcoming holiday as well. The face wash itself isn't like a usual face wash, its not a liquid and more like a cleansing cream and has thick texture to it. Its white in colour and has a very smooth and soft feel to it. Since you most probably will be in the shower when you use it, your face will be already wet and all you have to do is, use it like a regular cleanser that lathers into a rich and creamy foam like a regular face wash. It easily washes away with water like a regular face wash.

For testing purposes I first used this foaming cleanser by itself without my regular cleanser. I did notice that my face was quite dry once I got out of the shower and my skin felt a bit stiff. My t-zone felt extra dry for some reason. However I did notice though that my skin would be less oily and shiny looking through out the day. Once I started using my regular cleanser and then used this as a face wash to double cleanse that I noticed better results. My face didn't feel over dried like before once I got out of the shower and my t-zone felt normal. So i recommend using it as a face wash rather than a cleanser. My face thanked me as my break outs started to reduce and was less oily looking throughout the day. Very minimal shine was visible at the end of the day. My moisturizer felt good on my skin as if it was being properly being absorbed into the skin. I also noticed that when ever I go in the sun and come my skin didn't break out like before. This foaming cleanser is also a good pick me up throughout the day if you feel like your face is becomg really oily. Overall a lovely face wash even though it says cleanser because it did remove makeup but there was little bit of mascara left if I don't use a makeup remover before to take my makeup off so wont completely take all your makeup off.

I have been really enjoying this foaming cleanser and use it everyday. My skin is less oily and those pesky breakouts have reduced tremendously. I definitely recommend this if you have acne prone skin. It will keep your oiliness at bay and reduce shine for longer and your skin will thank you.

Do you use a face wash like me? Have you ever used this foaming cleaner by Neutrogena? Let me know what you think in the comment box below.




  1. I have very oily skin ugh!! I may have to try this out!!!


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