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Today there are so many different body scrubs available and some times it can be quite difficult when you have to find the right one that suits you. I am a big fan of The Body Shop Body Scrub and have used so many of them, however it is nice to try a few different ones now and again and that is why I bought the Natio Wellness Body Scrub. I bought it from sasa here in Hong Kong HK$150 but it was on offer at that moment.

Natio is an Australian skincare brand that now has branched out to makeup as well. I have not tried any of their makeup and this is the first product I am using from their skincare range. When ever I buy a body scrub I always prefer sugar based body scrubs as its much healthier and beneficial for the skin.





The body scrub is sugar based and is infused with natural exfoliants and pomegranate to rejuvenate your skin. The best is its free of microbeads. The packaging is simple and comes in a tub like most sugar scrubs. In the picture you can see that it got a bit damaged because it fell but it didn't crack even though its made out of plastic, that's good to know just in case you drop it like me.

The body scrub has a jelly like consistency but not as hard as set jelly but more like a semi set jelly. I actually like this because when you take a small amount on to your hands it doesn't drip and make a mess. You can easily scoop it out and apply it where you want. Since it is free of microbeads there isn't any harsh abrasions happening when your scrubbing your legs or arm. Normally we are used to microbeads and that is how we know that the dead skin cells are being rubbed off. You do feel soft sugar granules when scrubbing but its not too harsh nor does it hurt.

The natural exfoliants help to get rid of dry, dead skin cells and the antioxidants from pomegranate helps to protect, nourish and renew skin cells. There is a slight sugar fragrance but nothing too over powering. When I was using the scrub it felt nice on my skin, there was a slight cool feeling and the best part it wasn't harsh. I rubbed it quite harsh to see how it would feel and it didn't hurt or give a burning sensation after using it. I usually use it once a week and always before I shave my legs. This way all the dead skin removed and shaving becomes much smoother and easier. After using this scrub your skin feels very soft and much smoother. My skin didn't feel dry or tight once I got out of the shower, which is good because I do have dry skin and anything that will help reduce it is always welcomed.

The scrub is also enriched with walnut shell powder that is supposed to help with buffing away dead skin and helping with blood circulation. The antioxidant pomegranate encourages skin cell renewal and energises your skin to reveal glowing skin. I am not sure about my blood circulation being better but I do know that my skin shinier, softer and smoother, which means the dead skin was being buffed away revealing newer skin cells. 

Overall a lovely body scrub that is gentle on the skin, so if you don't like harsh microbeads then you should definitely give this a try. It gives a cooling sensation and will leave your skin feeling softer and smoother. The price is a bit on the higher side but it is definitely worth it and its always on offer. Give it ago if you get the chance.

Have you ever tried the Natio body scrub? Do you like it? Let me know what you think in the comment box below.




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