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Wedge shoes are the best alternative to stilettos and if you are like me, someone who isn't a big fan of stilettos then wedges all the way. Wedge shoes are so versatile that they go with any outfit but the key to wearing like a pro is to style them correctly. This could make or break your whole outfit so you need to get it correct before you leave the door.  Here are a few tips to help you find your perfect wedge heel.


Wedge Heels

1. The first you need to keep in mind is the heel size. It will all depend on how much of pain you can take. Depending on that choose a heel size that you will be comfortable to walk in. Wedges are easy to walk in because they have a flat surface so if you can take higher wedges then go for it.

2. You need to find a style, be it strappy or covered, one that will go with most outfits and that will make your outfit look complete.

3. You need to find a good balance with wedge shoes. If your shoes are more of a neutral colour then wear an outfit that is bold and bright. if your shoes are the main attraction then go for softner colours and tone down the outfit.

4. When wearing it with dresses, choose a dress that suits your body type and then the wedges will fit in. Since they are versatile they go with anything.

5. When wearing it with a skirt opt for the flared out skirts with a bit of volume because wearing them with pencil skirts  or tight fitting skirts can be quite unflattering.

6. Skinny jeans are the best option to wear wedges with but if you choose a different style then remember to make sure that the hem of the jeans cover up the most of the wedges. This will create an uniformed look.

7. In the summer its open filed day because you can wear any style be it open toes or strappy wedges. In the winter the best option would be to wear covered wedge boots up to the knee and over tight. That will give your outfit a bit of edge to it.

With wedges you need to experiment to find the perfect style. Wear them with different outfits to find the perfect pair. The main thing is to find a balance with your outfit, don't go too over the top and your good to go.

I love wedges and wear them quite often and wear them with everything. How to you style wedges? Let me know what you think in the comment box below.




  1. Great post. I love wedges and right now I'm looking for a perfect pair of sandals.

    1. Me too, try Steve Madden they have some amazing sandals

  2. These are such stunning wedges I prefer wedges then heels cause they easier to walk on

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

    1. Me too and they don't make your feet feel uncomfortable as well

  3. Wedges are quite in now a days. I have also bought couple of them. Following you through gfc.


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