Friday, 26 June 2015


Everyday more and more graphic tee's are becoming popular and the different styles make it difficult to choose what you want. I am actually not someone who wears graphic tee's but lately I have seen a  few nice ones and have been thinking about it myself. It was only natural for to want to share them with you, so here goes.



I have noticed that in Hong Kong this trend seems to extremely popular and a lot of young people are sporting this style very often. Out of all the mickey mouse and hello kitty seem to be the most popular and wanted. These are worn not only by kids but mostly by adults here. I had to add a few options and I quite like them actually, they look girly but not too over the top (at least for me).

Styling Graphic T-Shirts 

1. You do however need to be careful when you buy a tee that has slogan or saying as it may mean something completely different in another country. Always double check and save yourself an insult or embarrassment.

2. If your wearing a graphic tee remember to keep it simple and don't over accessorize and this can become over the top. Graphic tee's itself speaks volume so let it do the talking.

3. I like wearing graphic tee's either in a very sporty manner or make it more feminine and pair it with a skirt. Either way I am sure it will be fine.

4. You can wear then with either sneakers or even with high heels just remember what the occasion your going to.

These are my tips and tricks I remember that I have picked up and will remember the next time I am putting together an outfit which involves a graphic tee. What do you think of Graphic T-Shirts? Let me know in the comment box below.




  1. all the tee really cute !

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