Wednesday, 10 June 2015


My skin has its own life and it hasn't even bothered to inform me. More often than not my skin tends to break out and is quite troublesome but if I find a product that works with my skin I tend to stick with it till my skin has calmed down. This is how I came across the Neutrogena Deep Clean Cleansing Lotion as my skin was breaking out with the weather changes and I needed something that will bring it back to normalcy and this has helped me immensely. I bought the cleanser from sasa here in Hong Kong for HK$79





Cleansing for me is the most important part of my skincare routine and I love starting the day with a fresh face. There is absolutely no other feeling like it specially when you have skin like mine and live in a pretty humid country. Having a fresh and clean face is the most important part for to keep my skin under control and calm. Using this cleanser does exactly that for me and my skin has been so good lately.

The packaging is very practical as it has a pump and you can control how much of it comes out but unfortunately it is not very travel friendly as the pump doesn't go back in after you have opened it up which is a real bummer. How ever you can pour it into a disposable bottle when you have to travel. The cleanser itself is a bit on the runny side but not too much so that it drips. It has a very soft and velvety feel to it when you get it on to your skin.

I have used this cleanser to remove my makeup and it does remove even waterproof mascara but I did notice that it doesn't remove everything, there was a slight trace of makeup remaining when I was toning my face that came onto the cotton pad. So I suggest removing your makeup first and then using the cleanser to actually cleanse your face. However after using this cleanser my skin always felt fresh and super clean. I usually take two pumps for my face and neck and massage it into the skin and use a muslin cloth soaked in lukewarm water to remove it, that way it kind of gives a little bit of a spa feeling to it and you can steam that face to open up the pores and really clean it.

My skin felt soft and refreshed and it calmed down so much. My break out slowed down and my skin wasn't very oily the next morning as well and even throughout the day. Which is a lot because that helped my skin calm down and stop the break outs. I have been really enjoying this cleanser as it has saved my skin and at the same time really cleans my skin well, in other words gives my skin a good deep clean. The humidity is so much that my does need a good deep clean to keep it clean and spot free.

An inexpensive cleanser that will help you get your skin back to normal and help you keep your oily skin under control, so I definitely recommend this cleanser by Neutrogena as it gets a thumbs up from me. Have you used this Neutrogena cleanser before? Let me know what you think in the comment box below.



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