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Makeup setting sprays are very new to me and until I trained to be a MUA I hadn't used any. I learnt about them and know a lot of celebrity makeup artists use them as well so I was intrigued to try a few. Its quite humid and hot here in summer and with my oily skin makeup tends to lasts much less and it can be annoying when you have an event or a function to go for. I also had to try a few out so I can use them on my clients and recommend a few for them to use by themselves as well. I decided to turn to high-street brands first and see how they faired. I bought the ELF Makeup Mist & Set and the Collection Long Lasting Makeup Fixer.


Collection and ELF Makeup Setting Spray

Collection and ELF Makeup Setting Spray


As you can see from the picture the packaging is quite nice and very easy to use. It has a spray type nozzle and is quite small which also makes it very travel friendly and fits the makeup pouch or even a small clutch bag easily.I got mine down from UK either from Boots or Superdrug and costs around £5.99

When you spray it on to your face, you need to have at least at arms length and spray it. The spray is a smooth flow of the product and doesn't go all over but in the direction of your face. I normally use it after I have finished my makeup but before I use my mascara and eye liner. It takes about a minutes to set and dry up. I used this one a day I was going to be out all day and had a fashion show to attend in the evening. Believe me when I say my makeup was good as when I applied it first. My eye shadow hadn't creased and my foundation hadn't melted. I was so happy and I didn't do to any touch ups other than for my lipstick because I had something to eat before the show.

Definitely worth an investment as it made my makeup last for about 7 hours. Normally my skin is very oily so after about 4 hours there is shine visible on my t-zone but on the days I use this it isn't and my makeup looks good. I definitely give this a thumbs up and will definitely recommend this. Its not expensive and you get a great outcome from a high-street brand.


From the pictures you can see that the ELF setting spray bottle is a bit bulkier and bigger from the collection one. It is still travel friendly but wont fit a small clutch. I did get it from Argus here in Hong Kong for HK$94. The nozzle of the spray bottle is a bit bigger and it does tend to go all over a bit so you need to be careful and the droplets can be a bit bigger. Also the Product doesn't come out in a smooth motion, its bit broken and I had to spray it twice.

Spray it from about an arms length and it will take about a minute to dry and set after you have sprayed it. I use it after I have finished my makeup but before I use my mascara and eye liner. I used it on a regular day out where I was out and about walking. I did notice that it didn't make much of a difference to my makeup. The usual 3-4 hours were the longest that my makeup lasted before I noticed shine on my t-zone. It was quite a let down but it may be because I have oily skin. I did read a few reviews from bloggers who did like it and that is why I bought it but unfortunately it didn't do much for me. This is the least used one out of the two and I leave for emergencies only.  I highly doubt that I will be repurchasing this again and I don't recommend this if you have oily skin but if you have normal to dry skin it might work out better.

Its good to have a setting spray specially during summer and if you have oily skin I definitely say have one with you, you never know when you will need it. These are the two setting sprays I have been using but I have to say that I love the collection one better and recommend it for you.

Do you use a setting spray to set your makeup for that special event? Which one do you use and recommend? Let me know what you think in the comment box below.




  1. These sound great I have the Avon setting spray but haven't used it yet


    1. They are excellent for the amount you pay. I have never tried the Avon one


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