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Primer is quite a new thing for me, as in I started using it around 4-5 years ago and then they came out with eye primers and believe me this is the best friend a girl with oily eye lids could have. I am unfortunately one of those people, lucky you girls who don't have this problem. I prefer the liquid type eye primers that are quite similar to concealers in texture. I feel that they make the eye shadow last the longest. I am not a fan of the silicone based eye primers. Today I have the Makeup Revolution Focus & Fix Eye Primer. I did a review of the concealer in the same ranger which you can catch HERE if you like. I got this down from the UK and it cost £2.50 and I got it from Superdrug. Do not worry if you live in Hong Kong you can buy Makeup Revolution makeup from Hakme Beauty.





Most of the time when ever I do an eye makeup I always use an eye primer, this way my makeup lasts longer and the eye shadows pop. This eye primer has a similar texture to a concealer, a creamy texture with a satin finish once you have blended it in. It does have a smooth feel to once applied on the eye lids. The primer does take a bit of time to get absorbed and remember a little goes a long way. The shade is a bit light on my but once the eye shadow goes on it isn't noticeable at all. If you are on the darker skin tone side and worried thinking the shade will be an issue, don't its perfectly fine.

Lets get down to see how it performed. I actually have mixed feelings about this primer, its not the best but for the price I would say that its relatively good. I used it this on quite a few different occasions and each time the out come was different. I noticed that if I used this primer and stay in doors that the eye makeup lasts around 6 hours before it starts creasing. If I am out and about doing stuff outdoors then it lasts only about 2-3 hours and then the dreaded creasing appears. If you have oily eye lids like me then I suggest using this primer for indoor occasions and its not very suitable for days your out and about doing things.

The primer is easy to blend and you can either use a brush or your fingers. Fingers are the best options as it can be a bit runny so blending it with a brush takes a bit longer. I usually set it with a matte powder or eye shadow as that way it lasts a bit longer. I didn't really notice my eye shadows becoming brighter, it actually stayed the same. If you are lighter in skin tone then I would say that it will cover any discolouration on the eye lids as well and double up as a concealer.

Overall for £2.50 you cannot really complain at to how it performs. I would say as a budget friendly primer it was relatively good and the best if to use it when you will be indoors mostly if you have oily lids but if you don't then it should really be an issue. If you are curious like me to see how it works, as the results will be different for each person then give it ago as it wont break the bank at £2.50.

Have you tried the Original Eye Primer from Makeup Revolution? What do you think? Let me know in the comment box below.




  1. I've never tried Makeup Revolution Eye Primer or any of their products for that matter, but it's definitely on my bucket list! They look like they have such great products!

    xx Bash | Bash Says Hey | bloglovin'

    1. I have also only tried the primer and and a foundation which are good. I also really want to try their eye shadow palettes


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