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Lucas Papaw is an Australian brand that is some what similar to Vaseline. Its an topical ointment that can be used for burns, chapped lips, cracked skin, nappy rash, you name it and it can be used on it. The hype for this has died down a bit I thought I should share it as I like to have one with me at all time as you never know what you will need it for. I got the Lucas Papaw from Australia and it cost around AUS$10





If you live in Hong Kong you can buy it from Mannings and if not you can find it on Amazon. I got the tub because at that time I was unable to buy it where I was living. Its very much like Vaseline in texture and feel but a bit darker in colour I would say. I have mainly used it for chapped lips and and as a foot cream during winter to stop my feet from drying up and cracking.

As a lip balm is wonderful, it gets rid of chapped and flaked skin, revealing smoother lips. I know some people have noticed that their lips getting darker when used as a lip balm but fortunately that didn't happen to me. As a foot cream it did help my dry skin as well as help me with cracked skin (not like had really bad cracked skin but the occasional one).

The ointment has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties that it can be used as a topical ointment as well for burns, sunburns, nappy rash, cuts, open wounds, insect bites and a few more that you have a look HERE. I have used it on mosquito bites to reduce the swelling and itchy feeling and was I glad I did because it helped me out a lot, if not I would have scratched it till it became a would and then it would have left a mark, now I apply this ointment and no itching or mark. Once or twice I have used it on small burn I have got while cooking and a blister didn't come up which is good. So because of all the antibacterial and antimicrobial properties it does help with a few skin issues that can be treated at home, so worth while to have one around the house.

It does leave an oily residue behind and can be a bit sticky when applying but the good thing is that it doesn't get absorbed into the skin quite fast. This is the same issue you will have if you use Vaseline but the Lucas Papaw has a bit more heeling properties.

I definitely think you should have one with you for those just in case moments as it can be very helpful. Have you used the Lucas Papaw Ointment before? Let me know what you think in the comment box below.




  1. What a great indepth review thanks for sharing hun


    1. Glad it was helpful and glad you enjoyed it

  2. Great review, sounds interesting. xx



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