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Eveline is an American skincare brand that has been around for quite awhile. They have a wide array of skincare products and even cosmetics. Unfortunately I had not heard of it until recently when I came across it at my local beauty store and was quite interested in trying it out. To be honest it was the packaging that attracted me to it as it looked so posh. I was in the search of a new moisturizer and thought I should try something new and bought the Eveline Hyaluron Day Cream for Combination Skin I bought it for about HK$120 from sasa.


Eveline hyaluron Day Cream

Eveline hyaluron Day Cream

Eveline hyaluron Day Cream

This moisturizer comes in a lovely glass bottle and the packaging is quite lovely I must say. The moisturizer is mainly for combination skin to help with oiliness specially in the t-zone area and help with dryness on the cheeks. The formula of the moisturizer is based on a technology called Matt Active TM Complex that helps to regulate the greasiness in the t-zone and there by creating a mattifying effect in the t-zone as well as moisturizing the cheeks to help with the dryness.

I use this moisturizer in the morning everyday now for over 4 weeks and have seen a bit of a difference. My skin looks smoother and my skin tone has improved as I do have a bit of an uneven skin tone on my face in certain areas. My t-zone has not broken out as normally in the summer it does tend to. I have got the odd  pimple due to hormonal changes. The moisturizer is a bit on the heavy side as you may have seen in the pictures but it hasn't made my skin overly greasy and I have been able to get about 5 hours of a matte look. The moisturizer does get absorbed relatively fast I would say. You also need to remember that a little goes along way as it is quite thick. My foundation goes on with an ease and I have noticed that when I wear this moisturizer on the days I wear a foundation my makeup lasts a bit longer than usual. This is always a good thing.

Added to the oil and grease control it also helps with wrinkles and UV protection. I have not noticed any of these differences at the moment as I don't really have differences and as I don't go to work everyday don't really come in contact with the sun. During summer cheeks aren't that dry so I also cannot comment on that area but I will try it in the winter and get back to you on that.

The biggest change for that was very noticeable was the skin tone. My complexion looked evened out and so much so that it looked glowing. There was less shine which I always welcome and love in the summer as my skin becomes very troublesome. I have been enjoying using this quite a bit and not I am intrigued to try a few different products from this brand. It isn't that expensive but quite effective so I do recommend this moisturizer if you have combination or oily skin.

Have you heard of Eveline? If you have let me know which products you have used and let me know what you think in the comment box below.




  1. I don't have tried to much products from eveline but this looks good, Thanks for sharing.

    1. I haven't either, only this one. Glad you enjoyed. Let me know if you have tried it


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