Thursday, 11 June 2015


I am back with another product empties but this more of a focus on skin and haircare products. My last product empties if you like to see what I finished is HERE.You might like something I have used and this is a good way to see if it worth the pennies.


I have with me Tresemme Shampoo, Dove Shower Gel, Dove Deodorant and Paul Mitchell Shampoo for Coloured Hair.

Product Empties 3

Tresemme Deep Cleansing Shampoo - I cannot go on about how amazing this clarifying shampoo is. It really does deep clean your hair and scalp leaving it very fresh. After moving to Hong Kong, the humidity started making my hair really oily and my scalp started itching. I started using this and viola all the oiliness and itchiness gone. I use it at least once a week. The best part is its not very expensive and you can get it any where. I definitely recommend this as I have bought the second bottle as well. My husband loves it as well and uses it too. So its not only for you. I have a full review HERE for you to read.

Dove Shower Gel - A milky shower gel that smells amazing and really lathers up. You don't need a lot just one pump is more than enough. The fragrance doesn't last a long time but there is a hint of it for a little while after you step out of the shower. Doesn't overly dry the skin which is always good. Its inexpensive and gets the job done so you feel clean and fresh. I have bought quite a few different fragrances and love them. Perfect for everyday. You should give them a try.

Dove Pure Deodorant - I love roll ons as they last much longer and don't clog up the glands under your arms. This deodorant doesn't leave a white residue behind so you don't have to worry about getting it on your clothes but just to be safe I always use it after I have gotten ready. Lasts all day and doesn't make the under arm area dark. I have bought my third one already and swear by it. Not expensive and easy to travel around as well. A full review of this is available HERE if you like.

Paul Mitchell Shampoo - Not like colouring hair but the after care is the biggest issue. My hair started getting dry and tangled while I washed it. It was a nightmare having a shower until I nought this shampoo. It moisturizer my dry hair and my hair didn't get so tangled in the shower. I coloured my hair last November and the colour hasn't faded except that hair has grown out and there is a bit of grown out near the scalp. I loved using it and will definitely be repurchasing it for sure. Here is my full review of this shampoo and the conditioner over HERE

There goes this months product empties, and I have really enjoyed using these products and will be repurchasing them in the near future for sure when I run out. What have you been finishing up lately? Let me know in the comment box below.




  1. Are those Dove products new? I haven't seen them here in SA before


    1. I am not sure if it is new but they are very popular over here


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