Friday, 26 June 2015


Its so hard to keep with all the colours for every season and some times you find yourself just over whelmed. The runways show so many different patters and colours that there is even a technology today that can give you all the shades and let you find the correct colour you need, its called Pantone. Here you find all the colours under the sun and decide what you like. So with the colours changing every season, I just had to share a few colours I think will be lovely this summer if you were wondering what colours to sport this summer.



This summer you need to be wearing shades of Red, Blue, Yellow, Green and Pink. I think they are quite versatile and all the major fashion houses were sporting these colours on their runways.

Tips for Styling Summer Colours

Red - A very bold colour that will make you stand out and get noticed. You can create a fierce and bold look. Thats why a lot of celebrities wear red on the red carpet. As much as its fierce you can also create a romantic and very sophisticated look to stand out from the rest.

Blue - Denim blue is the front runner and this season denim seems to be in so get your denim dresses and denim look a like outfits ready. This is the coolest colour for the season.

Yellow - This shade will you a pop of colour. Yellow paired with black will give you a edgy rock look and if you pair yellow with white it will create a much softer, toned down look.

Pink - Pink has been in since last season and the only colour to be in two seasons in a row. I think you can pair pink with pretty much anything, quite a versatile colour like black. The main effect it has is, it creates a very feminine look for you so if thats what you want to create then pink is the colour.

Green - A very toned down, earthy colour that will create a soft look. I think it can also create a bit of edge if you have accessorized it correctly. I think green and gold are the perfect pair.

In my opinion these colours will look wonderful on most skin tones and can be quite wonderful when you have created the perfect look. I think this will help you chose at least one colour that you like and want to wear this summer to embrace the warm weather.

What do you think of the colours I have shown? Will you be wearing any of the colours this summer? Let me know what you think in the comment box below.



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