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I wish I was working in an office just so that I can wear the most fashionable jackets and blazers that is out there. The best part is that you can wear the jackets and blazers with casual outfits as well so not only just work. At the moment as I am not working I tend to wear jackets when I travel and with a few casual outfits. There are a few ways you can style jackets and blazers and I thought I will share my tips on how I like to style a jacket or a blazer.


Top Row - Dorothy Perkins, H&M
Bottom Row - Next, Dorothy Perkins, Next

As I am not working I thought I will share a few options that are perfect for a casual outfit and would even be perfect for work. 

Top Row - H&M, H&M

Jackets and blazers have become quite fashionable over the years and we even have crop jackets that people can wear to work.When I put and outfit together that involves a jacket or a blazer I prefer to wear it with a pair of jeans, a dressy shirt and either with pumps or a pair of boots for a more casual look. I also prefer wearing a printed jacket or blazer for a casual look as it looks much dressier and fashionable. For a more official look I prefer wearing a pair of trousers that are slim or crop pants with a pair of heels or wedges keeping it neat and simple.

A few tips to remember when styling a jacket or a blazer 

1. Wearing a jacket or a blazer to work doesn't need to be boring so you can create a monochromatic look. Creating a tone on tone look that isn't too over the top.

2. Remember to have a few printed jackets as it takes an outfit to another level.

3. for a casual look you can wear a graphic tee with a pair of biker boots and a jacket or a blazer. You can also wear a hoodie underneath just to add a little of something extra.

4. You can make your summer dresses work even during winter by wearing a jacket or blazer that is a bit more thicker.So your summer clothes can do double duty.

5. If you want to create a bit of a edge look why not wear a gents jacket and pull up the sleeves. That will create a rough look toning down the feminine look.

6. Crop blazers or jackets create the illusion of larger hips and curvier waists, so if you have broad shoulders this would be a good option. If you have larger hips look out for a shorter jacket or blazer that stops just short of your hips . If you are petite look to wear very fitted jackets and blazers. If you are bit on the bustier side stay away from printed jackets and blazers this will emphasize the upper part of your body. SO find one that are more fitting towards your waist.

These are my tips and tricks when choosing a jacket or a blazer and I hope it helps you out. I have shared a few jackets and blazers that caught my eye and look very fashionable.What are your styling tips for wearing jackets and blazers? Let me know what you think in the comment box below.




  1. lovely post. i love to wear jackets especially the floral one...they look super cool on summer outfits.
    Kanwal Ikram's B

    1. Thank you. Yes they are very classic


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