Friday, 8 May 2015


I remember about a year ago or maybe a bit more than that boyfriend jeans took the fashion world by storm and every body was wearing them and sporting them around. I never really got into it as I was quite thin and they would have looked so baggy and I wouldn't have been confident enough to wear them out. Since I have gained a bit of weight (actually a bit more than I bargained for and now trying to get fitter) I have been intrigued to try them out. I have also noticed that here in Hong Kong boyfriend jeans seem to be quite popular. While I have been browsing online to find something that catches my eye, I actually like quite a few and thought I should share them.


Boyfriend Jeans
Top Row - Asos, Asos, Asos / Bottom Row - H&M, H&M, Zara

I have added white pair of jeans as well as I think white jeans look amazing if you can pull them off and if you have styled them well so that it looks good. These were the few options that caught my eye and I think I will be heading to H&M to have a look as I love their selection of jeans.

I have been thinking of how I would style a pair of boyfriend jeans if I got a pair and for day time I think I would wear a plain t-shirt maybe white or even a black t-shirt with my black All Star sneakers. For a night out I will definitely wear a it with a shirt, semi tucked and with either a pair heels or a pair of wedges will be my go to, to finish the look.

I also think that boyfriend jeans can and will suit most and since its easy to style I can see why it has become popular among fashionistas. So have I inspired your inner style goddess and be brave and try a pair of boyfriend jeans? What is your take on boyfriend jeans? A yes or no? Let me know what you think in the comment box below.




  1. I haven't yet gotten into the boyfriend jeans trend - I prefer skinny jeans but definitely wanna check them out


    1. Ya neither have I but I have been seeing it quite a bit here so have been intrigued by it

  2. See I think they look lovely on smaller frames! I'm quite short so I thought they might look stupid on me but after rolling them up and finding ones with rips in them I actually like them! I think it's all about shopping around and trying to find ones that suit you, I always find jeans take ages to find the right fit and style!


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