Friday, 1 May 2015


Summer time means, time to show off your legs and bring out those shorts or even got out have a small shopping spree if you like. Specially when you live in a hot and humid country shorts can be a saving grace. They are comfortable and easy to wear and be stylish if styled correctly. These were a few options that caught my eye.

 1. H&M, 2. H&M, 3. Asos, 4. Asos, 5. H&M, 6. H&M

I have chosen a few that can be styled even if you have to go out in the night. All you need is a pair of heels and a few accessories and your ready to rock the night away. I chose high-street fashion because that is where I shop and most people can afford as every summer styles and fashion changes so I wouldn't spend a lot on a pair of shorts.

This summer I will be wearing a bit shorts as the weather seems to be much nicer so far this year in Hong Kong. So hopefully you will be seeing a few OOTD posts me wearing shorts so keep tuned.

So what is your take on shorts for summer? Let me know what you think of my choices and how summer is for you so far in the comment box below.



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