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Avene is known for wonderful skincare and they have a wonderful collection for oily, blemish prone skin. This is one brand that I turn to when my skin is feeling a bit dull and spotty. The skincare range is a bit on the higher price range but worth the investment. Once I moved to Hong Kong my skin was reacting to the weather change and the pollution and it started breaking out and there was nothing I could do. I even went to see a doctor and got medication. My skin did subside after that but maintaining it was my biggest issue, luckily Avene came to my rescue. One moisturizer that has helped my skin is the Avene Cleanance K Cream Gel. I bought mine from Bonjour here in Hong Kong and cost between HK$100-120 as when I bought it, it was on an offer.




A soft cream that is supposed to help with eliminating clogged pores, blackheads, and blemishes to reveal a brighter, clearer complexion. It is also recommended that you use it once a day as it works as an exfoliating moisturizer. I usually either wear it on the day if I feel my skin will get really oily but most of the time I apply it in the night.

The cream is light weight and even though it looks rich it isn't very thick once you start applying it onto your skin. It does get absorbed really fast and doesn't leave an oily or sticky reside behind. I do some time feel a bit of sting on my face when I am applying the cream but the minute its been absorbed, the feeling vanishes so it doesn't last a long time. I did notice that when ever I applied this cream that my skin much less oilier and felt less greasy when I did go out and come back home. It wasn't exactly a matte effect but more like a semi-matte feel. I used this mainly when I was on holiday where it was hot and humid and my skin did have the odd blemish or two. The good thing was that while using this my blemishes didn't get worse, as in didn't turn red or wasn't painful. It was just a little bump and subsided within a day or two. I really didn't notice a difference when it came to blackheads or clogged pores as my pores aren't very big. As it is a exfoliating cream  as well, my skin did feel softer and smoother and it did reduce my white-heads appearing. The one thing that did put me off was that there was a slight fragrance to it, which wasn't that nice. It smelt a bit like medicine but it wasn't too over powering and disappears very fast, making it very tolerable.Applying foundation was a breeze, it didn't look patchy or didn't flake throughout the day.

A good cream to have with you in the summer time, specially if like me you have the occasional break out and your skins more on the oily side. It will help you to keep your blemish prone skin a bit under control and help you balance your oily skin. You wont get a matte look but at least your T-Zone wont be an oily mess. I will definitely recommend this for you to give ago specially during summer time.

What do you think of the Avene Cleanance K? Have you tried any of the Avene skincare products? Let me know what you think in the comment box below.




  1. Black heads are the worst these sound great


    1. Talk about it, I use nose pore strips for the black heads. This is good if you have oily skin


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