Friday, 15 May 2015


Capri Pants or some like to call it Cropped Pants now a days are one of my favourite to add to my collection for smart casual. When I was working full time and I had training I used to always wear Capri/Cropped pants all the time. I used to have a favourite pair and wore it till I was forced to throw it away. Recently I went to Uniqlo and came across a few lovely Capri Pants and been wanting to get my hands on it. So I thought I should share my love for capri pants as summer is upon us and wearing a bit shorter comfortable clothes is much easier.


Capri Trousers

Now now only can you find capri pants in the usual trouser material but you get them in stretch material and chino material as well. I have also seen a few capri pants made from the denim material as well. I actually like it when they are made from the soft silky trouser material. They look smarter and fit much better.

You can wear capri pants in the day and night, but you do need to be careful when styling them as you need to figure out if capri pants suit you. I like to style my capri pants with a shift shirt tucked into the pants and a necklace as a pair of wedges or pumps and for the night I like to wear a printed top as the pair that I have is plain coloured with a dressier necklace and heels for sure. It'll make you look taller and elongate your legs as well. I like that capri pants can be dressy depending on the occasion and where your going. I have seen quite a few people wear capri pants here in Hong Kong and they seem to be quite popular. To be honest finding capri pants for my height is much easier than finding the regular sized pants, so my love for them have grown.

Thats my take on capri pants, what do you think of them? Do you think they are versatile? Let me know what you think in the comment box below.



  1. I love these pants!! The look so stylish


    1. Me too and they are so chic and classy

  2. what lovely pants!

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