Friday, 24 April 2015


I recently came across a very talented fashion designer from Sri Lanka, (That's where I'm from) who designs the most unique swimwear. So as I was going back home for a holiday I just had to get a piece from her new line.

first of all let me tell you a bit about Rum Punch, The swim wear is designed by Rukshika Fernando Seneviratne and best described by her as 'A bold, exotic and vibrant brand of resort wear. Rum Punch - Discover your Island Spirit' Rum Punch caters to the premium consumer and very exclusive styles. Rushika designs her resort wear and swim wear using the 'Batik dye techniques, bold designs and vibrant trims' and is 'styled into contemporary, yet classically feminine designs is what makes Rum Punch truly unique brand of resort wear'


This is the new collection and it is lovely. Has bold and vibrant colours and very unique designs and that was exactly what got my attention and new I had to get one for my self. 

I personally got one myself and the one I got is a similar one to the one in the picture below but in different colours. I got so many compliments and I love that it has a sporty yet very stylish look it. I liked the two piece but she does have some amazing one pieces as well and the best part is that its reversible as well so you get two different styles with one swim suit.


Unfortunately Rum Punch is in Sri Lanka and most of you wont be able to have the chance to get your hand on a pair of her lovely swim suit but for those of you in Sri Lanka you should definitely go check Rum Punch out as soon as you can. 

Rum Punch Favebook Page and Website 

As summer is around the corner swim wear is a must and I will be enjoying my new swim suit that I got for sure. I hope you enjoyed this post as its always good to help your local designers and when they have such amazing and unique designs they deserve the recognition. Go check it out now.




  1. These are great, I like the pinup style bathing costume


    1. I know they very nice and unique I would say


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