Monday, 20 April 2015


My first makeup product from Makeup Revolution that I bought and tried as it is difficult to buy this brand in Hong Kong. I got it when my hubby went for work to the UK. I had to order it online and get it delivered to a friends place as I was not accompanying him on the trip. Luckily the shade matches my skin tone. I bought the Makeup Revolution BB Cream Foundation in the shade Dark Tone. I ordered it from Superdrug and it cost £3.00


 Makeup Revolution BB Cream Foundation - Dark Tone

 Makeup Revolution BB Cream Foundation - Dark Tone

 Makeup Revolution BB Cream Foundation - Dark Tone

 Makeup Revolution BB Cream Foundation - Dark Tone

The packaging is very basic and nothing much about it. you have to squeeze the foundation out like you would do a BB cream. It has a small nozzle and you can control the amount of product coming out even though you have to squeeze it. It doesn't come gushing out which is always good.

The shade is a perfect match for my skin tone, luckily it did match if not it would have been so sad. The texture is very creamy and even though it look thick it actually feel very light once you have worn the foundation. It is easy to blend and you can either use a brush or even your fingers depending on the finish you want to achieve. The foundation has a few different shades and the best part is that they have a darker shades. Normally it is quite difficult to find darker shades with most foundations.

The coverage is light to medium I would say depending on the texture of your skin. Definitely more coverage than a BB cream I would say. I have a few marks and scars on my face so I normally use a concealer after I use this foundation. I actually don't mind this light coverage as I prefer lighter bases, so if you prefer a heavier coverage then this might not suit your needs.Even though it says its a foundation its a mix between the two of a BB cream and foundation, that's why they call it a BB Cream Foundation.

It does give a smooth finish to the makeup look and have a dewy finish I would say. I usually always set my base with a setting powder as I prefer the matte look. If you have normal to dry skin then you wont need to set the foundation it will be perfect for you. The only issue I have with this is that it does kind of have a bit of a weird smell to it but after you apply the product it disappears. So its not that much of an issue.

The wear time I would say was pretty good and gave me around 4 hours before I noticed any shine on my face. That was quite impressive as it is a high-street brand and some times even high end products don't last that long.

I really enjoy using this foundation as its light weight and a perfect match for my skin tone. Most often than not I use it during the day if I have to go out or go on makeup job. Gives the right coverage and doesn't feel heavy specially when I am out all day. I definitely recommend this for you if you like a lighter coverage and the best part is, it wont break the bank. 

So my first impression with Makeup Revolution was satisfying and impressive. There are so many amazing reviews for their makeup that I had to try it and I am glad I did.

Have you tried any foundations or makeup products from Makeup Revolution? What is your favourite from this brand? Let me know what you think in the comment box below.



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