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I keep my foundations for days that I go out, special occasions or need a bit more of coverage. I tend to get quite oily in my T-Zone so prefer a much lighter base on a regular basis and since spring here my skin on top of being oily tends to break out as well. However I still do use foundations and one of them is my MAC Matchmaster Foundation in 7.0, I would have preferred one shade darker but here in Hong Kong they don't cater to the darker skin tones which is absolutely frustrating and annoying at times. I have to most of the times mix it with slightly darker foundation to get an exact match for my skin tone. In the winter my skin does tend get a bit lighter, then this matches perfectly. enough of my my issues lets get n with the review.

I bought the foundation from a MAC counter here in Hong Kong for about HK$395 if I am not mistaken. You can buy it from any MAC counter in Hong Kong. Some locations have a wider range of products than others.


M.A.C Matchmaster Foundation 7.0

The good thing is as you can see it has a dispense pump, as most of MAC foundations don't have and you have to buy that separately. So the packaging is very basic and like the regular MAC packaging but very practical and easy to use. You also don't waste the foundation and you can control how much of product comes out. Now that is a plus in my opinion.

M.A.C Matchmaster Foundation 7.0

M.A.C Matchmaster Foundation 7.0

As you can see it seems much lighter but my face is the lightest and once I have applied the foundation and blended it into the skin is matches well. It has a slightly thicker and creamy texture to it. That doesn't mean that it doesn't blend well into the skin, it does. I prefer using a flat top kabuki brush when ever I use this foundation as I have noticed that it blends much better than any other brush or sponge I have used. My go to is the Sigma F80 at the moment and I absolutely love it. The foundation does take a bit of time to get full absorbed so wait about a minute before applying your concealer or the rest of the makeup.

Coverage would be medium I would say as I did have to use a bit of concealer under my eyes and around my nose. The foundation does give a smooth and semi matte finish to the overall look. I normally ALWAYS set my foundation with a powder as my face tends to get oily quite fast. I did get about 3-4 hours before I noticed any shine on face. That's just me and it will be different for you depending on your skin type. I do however recommend setting it with a powder to prolong the wear of it.

Overall I would say it is a nice foundation and I wear it mainly when I go out in the night as it does give a nice overall look and the best part is my skin looks smoother as well. I did a small photo shoot and in the picture below I am wearing this foundation.

M.A.C Matchmaster Foundation 7.0

I would recommend this foundation for you as it is affordable and gives a relatively good coverage and they do have a wide range of different shades around the world so you will find a shade or two that suits you.

Have you tried the MAC Matchmaster foundation or any foundation from MAC? Let me know what your favourite one is in the comment box below.



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