Wednesday, 22 April 2015


The sun is out which means you need to get your hands on a good sunscreen to protect your skin during those hot and humid days. In Hong Kong can it get really hot and humid so I need a sunscreen that will gets absorbed well and doesn’t leave any sticky residue behind. 

I was lucky enough to win a competition on Sassy Hong Kong and I was able to get a free skincare consultation with Kate Somerville and go away after with full bag of goodies. One of the items was the Kate Somerville Daily Deflector Anti-Aging Sunscreen with SPF 50+. It costs around HK$440 and you can buy it from any Kate Somerville counter in Hong Kong. 





The packaging is very nice and perfect for travel as it doesn’t take a lot of space and I actually took it on holiday with me when I went. In the pictures it seems that the sunscreen will be white as the lotion is quite white in colour but once you start applying onto your skin it doesn’t have any colour and get absorbed relatively fast I would say. The biggest issue I have is that the sunscreen in quite runny and so you need to be careful when squeezing it out of the bottle. Also you need to remember a little goes a long way with this product. It has a very light and smooth texture to it and is very easy to apply on the skin. 

I mainly use it on my face during summer but you can use it all year round if you like. I usually apply it after my moisturizer and let it get fully absorbed before I put on my makeup. The foundation goes on with an issue and neither did it get blotchy or patchy because sometimes foundation can get like that when you have worn a sunscreen underneath it. Luckily this did mess up the makeup at all. The only this I noticed was that my face became a bit oilier than usual but that didn’t bother me because when I get sun burnt I look really bad, my skin looks a bit greyish is colour and as I am darker in skin tone it sometimes can be become like an ugly dark brown colour.  So I always try to wear a sunscreen in summer if I leave the house. I get my hubby to wear as well because it’s always a good thing to protect yourself. This sunscreen did protect my face and whenever I use it my skin never gets sun burnt and is always protected, so this gets a big thumb up from me. 

Overall I would say I was very pleased with the sunscreen and was happy using it but because of the price I doubt I will be repurchasing it any time soon. I have found a bit of a cheaper alternative that I think I will be going along with. However if the price tag doesn’t bother you by all means I definitely recommend this to you as it is really good. 

Have you ever trued the Kate Somerville Sunscreen? What is your favourite sunscreen for the hotter days? Let me know what you think in the comment box below.



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